Mennonite Girls Can Cook is a collection of recipes which were posted daily for a period of ten years from 2008 to 2018. We have over 3,000 delicious recipes that we invite you to try. The recipes can be accessed in our recipe file by category or you can use the search engine.

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What is a Mennonite Recipe Blog?

Welcome here.

I have invited some girls to come along side of me to treat the world to the best recipes we have. Some of the recipes will have a Mennonite origin and others will be the best of what we all enjoy.

We have learned to cook because we enjoy the gift of hospitality.
Many of us started to bake when we were still young and allowed to help in the kitchen.
Our kitchens are where people love to be and 
the aromas that come from our kitchens are fabulous.

I pray that this will be a blessing to others.

When God lays an idea on my heart, 
I don't ask why, I strive to obey
and that is why this blog is started today.

All the contributors to this blog share my values and love of cooking.

Be blessed.


  1. Oh Lovella! I clapped my hands in delight when I received this invitation. My 17 year old laughed and my delight and said,'ve now passed the 'grade'....does this mean we will have regular Chem Sundays? HA! honor me! Yee Haw! Now if only I could Sprechen Sie Deutsch! My Grandma and Grandpa would be proud! Sea goot! (is that right in Plautdietsch?)

  2. perfectly right .. welcome to the mennonite blogging club Trish .. your grandparents would likely be very pleaed with you.

  3. I too was excited to receive this invitation, this is so exciting..wait till I tell my daughters, they will shake their heads at their 'menno mama'!!
    Now if only I can figure everything out. Your instructions are great Lovella so I should be able to do this unless I want to use pictures..oh my!

  4. What fun! Thanks for the invitation, Lovella. I never could resist sending umpteen recipes whenever the call came for submissions for a new recipe I'm ready and willing to contribute. Give me a few days to get organized...and I'll be on a roll.

  5. I couldn't resist adding just one more comment....

    I am so excited...all my favorite 'cooks' are here! And what a wealth of recipes we are about to embark on! Lovella, with your talent for organizing such beautiful and effective blogs,incredible photos, recipes and simple step by step explanations; with betty r's tried and true recipes straight from prairie ville upon request and Judy's beautiful spirit she brings to each and every post - not to mention her great recipes too..and all the other wonderful cooks/bakers that I know you have connected with...well this is bound to be a huge success. And of course, we all know...if it is tested in Trish's Chem Kitchen and she can make it...anyone can! Bring it on ladies!

  6. lovella, i feel so privelaged to be asked to join ........just think is this how the gals in "best of bridge" started out, someday we or rather our recipes could become famous, bettyr and i will have to fly to the west coast and have meetings in trish's chem kitchen and then............wait, stop, breathe, oh my, first i guess i have to learn how to post. my imagination always gets the best of me. all kidding aside ladies, it is a blessing to be part of this team. all of you have such lovely blogs and i will have to start leaving comments and not just enjoy your blog. blessings to you all......bettyr koffe is on...with some schnetche and new bothwell cheese and sart packing bettyr, you never know when we'll be needed to taste test.....=^D

  7. I am looking forward to all the mouth-watering recipes that will be featured here. I'm not Mennonite but I attended Winnipeg Bible College (now Providence College) and I was privileged to taste Sadie Warkentin's fabulous cooking! Treat after treat. Farmer's sausage and borscht were all new to this Maritimer but I enjoyed them and many other Mennonite delicacies. I'm sure this will be a very popular site and I, for one, will be a frequent visitor

  8. Let Charlotte know I just may take a trip her way in the fall to visit my sister who knows Charlotte. We just may have to call Betty R as I think she lives where my relatives live and we may have to cook up something amazing and post it. We may become the feature of the month:) I may have to have you pack your bags to join me on that trip. Who knows... a cookbook business trip:)? How silly, I haven't even figured out how to type in my name yet. Good thing I have a good tutor. (YOU) Looking forward to this new venture with you and the gals. Kathy

  9. I feel privileged to be a part of this network of blogging bakers. If only I can figure out how to post a picture and a recipe at the same time ... I'll get there. For tonite I'll just have to make sure I get supper on my own table. See you all soon.

  10. I'm not Mennonite, but rather Dutch. I do however love to cook and try new things. I'm excited to see all the new meals to try!

  11. Lovella, I am delighted that you have started a recipe blog....I have always loved to read recipes, and better still try them. Good food is always the best compliment with friends, family and fellowship. Blessings

  12. Thank-you Lovella for the invitation.
    Won't this be fun using everybody's recipes. It's like my daughter said to me, "Is this your community?"
    I said, "It definitely is. It's one of them."
    What a wonderful way to share recipe's that have lasted for generations.

  13. I don't know how often you ladies check these blogs, but could one of you lovely women put a recipe for Sticky buns on here? I am from Lancaster County PA, and have been transplanted to NY, and miss the food culture of the PA Dutch...I can't find a decent sticky bun recipe.Help!
    God Bless
    Heather Simmers

  14. I'm so happy you started this site all those years ago. I started enjoyng the site a few months ago and have already used so many of the recipes! Please don't ever stop blogging!

  15. My daughter shared this blogsite with me. I'm so excited. I grew up in a Mennonite low German family and have kept up with cooking the traditional foods my mother and grandmothers taught me. I would love to contribute from time to time. Let me know what that involves.

  16. I found out about your site from my daughter, a blogger herself. I grew up in a Mennonite home and still make recipes passed on from my mother and grandmothers. I would love to contribute from time to time. Let me know what that involves. I'm trying some of the rhubarb recipes this week.


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