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Two Brave Women 

The Exposition of Moses
Photo credit: The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

"The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever 
trusts in the Lord shall be safe." 
Proverbs 29:25

How easy it is to fear what man could do to us, and our instinct is to do whatever we can
 to appease the one who has power over us. 
But it has been said, "He who fears God, fears no man." 

There are two women in the Bible who provide us with a perfect example to follow.
I doubt you would recognize their names -  
Shiphrah and Puah, 
but I know you know their story. 
They were important enough in God's eyes,  
to have their  names recorded 
in the account we find in the first chapter of Exodus. 

Shiprah and Puah were the midwives for the Hebrew people
 in the time they were enslaved in Egypt. 
Commanded by Pharaoh himself to kill every male child born to a Hebrew woman, 
they dared to disobey! 
They knew to do so was to risk their own lives, yet it is said,
'because they feared God' they had the courage to stand against the king of Egypt.  
And they saved every baby boy born to a Hebrew mother. 
When the king of Egypt, being informed of their disobedience, in his wrath, 
 he called for them to be brought before him. 
He demanded an answer as to why they had not killed the infant baby boys born under their hands.
 He could have just ordered them to be killed, 
but maybe he was curious to see what kind of women would dare to disobey the Pharaoh!!  
 In answer to his question they fearlessly replied,  
"Oh, the Hebrew women aren't like the Egyptian women who take a long time to give birth. The Hebrew women are so strong, they give birth before we can even get there!"  

There is an interesting postscript to this story. 
God was so pleased with the faith of the midwives who fearlessly risked their lives
 to honor Him, rather then Pharaoh,
that He did something for them, He rewarded them. 
He gave them families - husbands and children of their own. 
I wonder if midwives were typically unmarried that God gave them this as a special blessing,
or maybe they believed that they were past marrying age ...
whatever the reason ...
we know that it was something that they longed for and God gave them the desire of their hearts.

God's promises are always true ...
   "Whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe."

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  1. There's a lot in this story, Julie. A sermon could be preached that draws out all the meaning. Thanks for reminding us of what's most important.


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