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Bread for the Journey

We recently spent some time with our children and grandchildren in Hawaii celebrating our 40th anniversary.  What a celebration it was.  Our time spent together brought us so much joy.  

Our hearts desire for our children and grandchildren is that they will know the faithfulness of God.  
We rejoice in God's glorious goodness and we want to be faithful to express that in ways that draw them towards a personal relationship with Christ. 

Every morning we pray for our dear little ones.  As grandparents, we believe we have a responsibility to pray for them but we see it as a privilege.  

Not sure how to pray for the children in your life?  

  • pray that they will have a healthy fear of things that could cause them harm or distract them from the truths of God's word
  • pray for their parents that they will have wisdom in raising them
  • pray that we will be faithful to model the gospel  
  • pray that they will be motivated in their school work and be thankful that they can go to school
  • pray that they will be kind to other kids and kids will be kind to them as well
  • pray that they can be brave and be courageous
  • pray that God will reveal himself to them, opening their eyes to believe that Jesus loves them and died for their sins and has forgiven them
  • pray that they will know that God is faithful on their good days and their bad days
  • pray that their body and mind remain strong and sound and that they would use them to honor the Lord
  • pray that they will learn that God is sovereign in their lives
  • pray that they would be obedient to God's word
  • pray that they would choose to serve him all the days of their lives

Our time away with our family was an investment in physical rest, relationship building and also in taking opportunities to talk about what God is doing in their lives and in ours.

What a celebration it was! 
Thank you, Lord!


  1. Love this example and these things to pray for our grandchildren and children.

  2. Wonderful way to pray for the children in our lives! My daughter called me last week to tell me that a spontaneous innocent conversation led to all four of my grand quadruplets accepting Christ as their personal Savior. I’d been praying specifically for them and that the Holy Spirit would whisper to their heart when they were ready to hear.
    Your family time was wisely spent and you will all reap great rewards.....

  3. "to a thousand generations" is such a magnificent promise! Amen to all these beautiful prayers for our children and grandchildren. I know for sure that my parents prayed for us all and we have been blessed significantly and beyond comprehension! Thank you for this reminder and pure example.

  4. This is good direction and a healthy spiritual reminder. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Wonderful words of wisdom, and thank you for the suggestions on how to pray for our grandchildren.


  6. Love that promise in Deuteronomy 7... and your words of encouragement to pray for our families!


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