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All to Us!

This past fall, we had the privilege of working with an Alpha Class in our church.
I knew what was involved from previous experiences.
A solid commitment of time:
teaching, cooking food, setting up, taking down and cleaning up for twelve weeks.
Now, looking back it was so worthwhile, as we saw the baptism candidates share their testimonies.
We shared life with a man who had just recently lost his wife.  He was searching for answers.
We shared life with a young teen who is fearing the loss of her father plagued with cancer,
waiting for a miracle.
 We shared life with a young woman and mother who had been living with addictions,
committing her life to God.
We shared life with a teen boy living with cerebral palsy, sharing his heart's passion.
For those of us who have lived the Christian faith all our life, we must commit to: 
Believing Christ!
Living Christ!
Sharing Christ!
Our prayer is that all of you will be able to understand who Jesus is and the 
claims he has to give you a Hope for the future.

Together, let's worship Jesus this morning and sing "All to Us."
If you believe this, go out, live it and share it......

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