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Anneliese's Kitchen - then and now

Thirty years ago we built what people like to refer to as their forever home. Although I know it won't be that, I love that we have been blessed to make so many memories here! This photo was taken soon after we moved in, so you can see the original birch cabinets with the dropped cabinets over the peninsula, sunshine ceiling, almond appliances and country themed wallpaper.

Ten years ago we did a kitchen make-over. This time our oldest grandson, eating his bed time cereal just like our son used to, prompted me to take this photo. The biggest change was the removal of the cupboards over the peninsula - which we enlarged with an over hang - and the professionally painted cabinets with some glass inserts and antiquing added in the grooves. You can also see the change in back splash, granite counter, appliances, lighting and flooring. It was a huge change that was a mess to live through but so worth it! 

While I'm here, let me tell you of some of my favorite things in my kitchen. In the little alcove behind the fridge (to the left of the stove) is my original pantry cupboard. It opens as two doors, with shallow shelving attached on the inside of the doors for small things, such as teas, oil and vinegar bottles etc. (like a fridge) The deep shelves are adjustable and store cereals, snacks, baking ingredients and canned goods. Then, on the left of the fridge, we removed what was originally a broom closet and put in a second oven, with deep drawers underneath. 

 I was very happy with the changes and I still am.

The peninsula is often used for serving food buffet style, but here you see it
as a crafting table.

Often times it is the place the grand kids eat their snacks at 
or enjoy baking parties.

 It is also a great coloring table, close to where I am and can keep my eye on them while cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I like my gas stove. 
It's either on or off - no hot spots to watch for.
It cooks evenly, without splattering and is easy to clean up. 

Probably the kids would say that their favorite thing to come from Grammy or Mimi's kitchen is the jam. 
Maybe buns and jam. Maybe a few more things.

The oven is electric. I like that the door does not get hot.
Kids can touch it when I'm baking.

Did I already say something about baking parties?
We try to have cousin cooking classes every once in a while.
They are a highlight for them and they ask when the next one will be.

I like things neat and tidy, but as you know, cooking is not always that way.
I try. I teach them to put the bowl of batter in the sink. 

That way the spills and the stuff that flies goes into the sink. 

 Even so, the kitchen is a place to have fun . . .

and my favorite happy place to teach those I love
because I see how much they love it!

The kitchen is also a place to set a pretty table . . .
whether it's to welcome a new member to the family with a shower,
hosting a care group or just having friends over.

It is a place where we keep making room
even if it means extending the table into the next room.
It truly is the heart of the home.

I'm glad that 30 years ago we built with an open concept in mind.


  1. This is such a great post Anneliese! Our renovated (14 years ago) kitchen took on a very similar look to yours. It's amazing that you got a picture of your son and grandson in the same position too! Your kitchen is truly the heart of your home. It would be fun to dig up some old pictures and do a "then and now" comparison of mine sometime. My little grand loves to sit on the cupboard while I cook and bake.

  2. Your kitchen has had a beautiful transformation for you and your family and truly is the centre of your home. We gutted our kitchen about 6 years ago in our 40+ year old home and went with white cabinets which is so much brighter than the stained plywood ones. I wish our kitchen was filled with grandkids too, but they are in Alberta. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I so enjoyed all these pictures and how you transformed your kitchen with some new counters, lighting (oh I've love to be rid of my sunshine ceiling) and paint. The addition of more children is the best. I can see how your kitchen is a place where everyone loves to gather... big and small.

  4. I love your kitchen changes. Seeing all those beautiful, smiling faces really warms it up! Thank you for sharing

  5. Beautiful kitchen,beautiful family and a wonderful Grammy.

  6. It's a great re-model and the pictures of your lovely family, make it a wonderful place to be.

  7. Beautiful...the kitchen and all those enjoying it! It great picture of what 'the heart of the home' can look like.

  8. Love be that you found a basic foot print that worked and just had to change out the "skin" to update it. My kitchen floor plan was designed in 1954. It was gutted eight years ago by us (original metal cabinets were removed and replaced with wood); the floor plan stayed the same. Love my kitchen!

  9. Lovely kitchen. I like user friendliness. My four year old grandson loves working with Nana on good things. Remodeling my kitchen also--getting rid of the 1970's motif. Love the last photo of your family...reminds me get togethers with mine.

  10. What a fun post. The photos give a glimpse as to the great memories you're making in the heart of your home!

  11. Ooo, what a great kitchen! Painting the cabinets and updating the lighting made a wonderful difference. You're a good grammy to have cooking classes with the grandchildren. They learn basic kitchen skills and make lasting memories, at the same time.

  12. THAT is a kitchen well celebrated !!! Great post, Anneliese!

  13. Thanks for having me into your kitchen! It was nice to be "here" with you!

  14. Thank you, I loved this post . Wish I lived near you for some
    cooking, baking lessons!

  15. It was good to see how your kitchen has changed over the years. The best change though is the addition of grandkids to make it a place of fun and learning. Lucky you!

  16. love your kitchen . . .and really love all the smiling faces!!

  17. what fun! I agree with the "mixing in the kitchen sink" - great idea. Your design is amazing - very nice back then and really lovely now (love off-white) - I see the paper towel is in the same spot. QUESTION - may I ask about the dining chair in final photo (large family group at long table) - the white chair with mesh back - is that new or a found treasure? If it's new, may I ask where you purchased? Thank you from a local fan!

    1. The mesh back chair is an old dining chair, recently repainted. Here is the link
      You can probably find the original old chairs quite easily in thrift stores. They look so different when painted.
      While I'm here . . . thank you to everyone for your visits and comments.

  18. I so love your new kitchen. Your big family is a treasure to behold. God has been very good to you. I just found your site and love your recipes. I saved one already which I appreciate. Will be checking back from time to time. God is Good


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