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Bread For The Journey


Road trips and music work well for me.  My favorite song for this summer was called, 'You Never Let Go' by Matt Redman.  While walking into church last Sunday morning our worship leader was singing this song....and my heart just skipped a beat for a moment confirming my thoughts and ideas around this touching song which gives encouragement and hope. I can vividly remember hearing this song and texting a friend immediately saying, "You Never Let Go"
Traveling gives me time to think and reflect. I've realized how I had the opportunities to introduce my children to the 'great outdoors' but  never did I realize that they would continue to scale the highest mountain peaks and as I watch them pack their mountain gear, I see ropes and harnesses, ice axes and picks, mountain boots, crampons, and helmets.   They are equipping themselves carefully, looking for a safe passage through the rough terrain in order to eventually summit.  Some of the most difficult challenges on an incline are changing directions, trying to prevent sliding down thousands of feet while trusting their ice axes and crampons to hold them on the mountainside while avoiding the hazards of ice and rock fall.  I can hear their guide saying, "You Never Let Go!" 
Our journey through life was never meant to be easy and so as we travel through the rough terrain, we need to be continuously checking our gear making sure it's intact.  Are we trusting God as our guide and leader or have we begun to slide through some of the cracks and crevices becoming disillusioned with life's twists and turns.  What do we do when there's a steep incline feeling we just can't go one more step.  One of the things I have learned along my journey is that I need to keep a slow steady pace putting one foot in front of the other, making every day count, acknowledging God the Creator letting him be my Guide, taking time to listen to his word and applying the scriptures to my life, praying and worshiping him, and engaging in a daily dialogue with God.  
"God may not provide a way out of a trial, but will always provide a way through" (Joel James)
 May this song be of encouragement as you continue to trudge through your life, and realize there is a light of hope for all of us because one day we will eventually summit.


  1. Thank You Marg. I needed this encouragement today to continue putting one foot in front of the other, making every day count. God Bless You.

  2. Marg, your words have blessed me, and I am sure that many today will also be blessed as they read through your prayerful thoughts. Thank you.

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  4. Thank you for these encouraging words! I needed to hear them today!

  5. What a great song and a great analogy except for the fact that I am afraid of heights! LOL!


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