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Smashed Potato Frosting

When my kids visit their out of town friends there is a favourite restaurant that they love to go to.  It is family owned , the owner/chef a master of his trade.  The menu is  comprised of dishes using only organic, fresh,  from scratch, healthy  ingredients, focusing on an impressive presentation of plate.
In my daughter's last description of the food they ate - that apparently words could  not do justice to -  she mentioned the dessert cake that was iced with mashed potato frosting !
Their friend was so disgusted by the incongruence of mashed potatoes and cake on the same forkful,  that he refused to even taste it!   My daughter said it was delicious !
My curiosity got the better of me ... and short of taking a trip specifically to visit this restaurant , I decided to try it myself.
After a couple of trial and .... of course , errors !    here is what I ended up with !
I can't promise  it is exactly healthy but it has to be healthier than regular frosting, right ? ... and as they say .. 'every little bit counts' !

Mashed Potato Frosting

  • 1/2 cup mashed potatoes (do not use left over mashed potatoes) 
  • 1/4 cup softened butter 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract 
  • 2 rounded tbsp. cocoa powder 
  • 2 cups icing sugar 

  1. Take one medium potato, and cook it in the  microwave for 4 minutes.  (I know microwaves vary in cooking times,  so cook the potato until it is cooked all the way through but before the skin wrinkles) 
  2. Cut the potato into pieces and if not completely soft, put back (covered)  into microwave for another minute or so.  Mash potatoes with fork.   ( I first tried using left over  mashed potatoes with the  milk and butter  - but then I found it was too thin to make the icing)  
  3. Place the fork-mashed potatoes into a mixer bowl with the softened butter, extract and cocoa powder. Mix until smooth. 
  4. Add the icing sugar one cup at a time, then 1/2 cup at a time and beat until frosting is light and smooth and of spreading consistency .   If necessary add a little more icing sugar .   
  5. Use immediately or freeze until needed.    


  1. I remember making potato candy as a kid. So, this sounds yummy to me! It would be good on potato spice cake, too.

  2. A friend used to make mashed potato fudge which was perfectly fine. You can find the recipe on Cooks if you are interested. It wouldn't be hard to take it from fudge to frosting, I wouldn't think. I think I'd prefer Julie's since its made with cocoa instead of chocolate blocks.


  3. One of my husband's favourite cookies are called "Snow on the Mountain Cookies". I was totally skeptical when he told me about them, but we made them - with mashed potatoes and coconut as main ingredients. And then bottoms are dipped in melted chocolate. They are good, so I'm sure this icing would be very good too!!!

  4. My mama used to make a kind of fondant candy using mashed potatoes/ and powdered sugar, then rolled it out and slathered on peanut butter....rolled it up, sliced it and called them pinwheels. We loved it!

  5. Wow this sounds yummy! And the other comments bout uses for goodies. I knew potatos had lots of uses but all of this is new to me cant wait to try them.

  6. OK, this is absolutely hilarious! We're going to have a Mystery Dessert Night of sorts and see what comments we get. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I can so see thing working and tasting delicious! My mom used to make peppermint balls - similar to peppermint patties - and it used a boiled potato, icing sugar and mint extract - roll it into balls and roll in unsweetened chocolate and coconut. Sounds strange, but SO yummy!

    1. I would very much like to have the recipe for these peppermint balls!!! Also, does it have to be chocolate icing? Could you use some other flavouring and colouring and just add more potato/ icing sugar? Or do you need the cocoa to "mask" the potato flavour?


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