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Bread For The Journey

 One day this summer we took my parents to White Rock.  
The tide was out as we walked on the beautiful pier built out into the ocean bay.  
I leaned over the pier railing and  looked down on a message someone had written with stones in the sand,  
"The Way"  with a cross. 
Then a short time later,  we heard the whistle of an approaching train on the tracks 
that run alongside the beach and turned to count the cars.   

Only later did my two photos link  together in my  thoughts with a spiritual lesson.
We all step onto the train of life at the station of our birth.  
None of us know how long our train is or how far it is to that last station of life called Death.  
Here we must disembark and step into Eternity.   
Many today consider Heaven and Hell old fashioned ideas, but Truth  is not affected by anyone's opinions.   
Jesus'  teaching is clear -  
our life train has only  two destinations, it is our choice which one we are heading for. 
If we choose Jesus -- we have chosen well.   
If He is our travelling guide  and companion  
we need not fear when or where our life train journey will end.   
He is The Way ... His cross bought our ticket -   destination Heaven!    
"Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us,
Till we reach that blissful shore,
Where the angels wait to join us
In Thy praise forever more."

(refrain to song written late 1800's called 'Life is like a Mountain Railway"
by Eliza R. Snow, ref. M. E. Abbey)  


  1. This is a beautiful lesson. Thank you.

  2. Thank-you for Blessing us with your meditations

  3. Julie...this was so beautiful how you put the two together.

  4. That is what I needed for today
    That is beautiful
    Lucky you living near White Rock



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