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Canada Day ~ Garden Fresh Bocconcini Salad

 Today Canada is 144 years old.  Many years ago Canada belonged to Great Britain, but on July 1, 1867, Queen Victoria approved a plan to make Canada an independent country with it's own government.  Up until 1982, Canada Day was known as Dominion Day.  In 1982, Parliament passed an act changing the name to Canada Day.

Let's welcome Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Canada.  They boarded their flights in classic black suits.  It will be fun to see how many different outfits she will sport over her time in Canada and yes, most of us will enjoy watching the new royal couple.  I'm still feeling a bit ripped off that they did not add Vancouver to their itinerary. It's time to share our Olympic City with them. What a more perfect day than to celebrate with our British royalty.
The headlines state that they are looking to visit Canada for canoes, campfires and cookouts.  Will they be in the Rockies, the beaches of Prince Edward Island?  We welcome them to a uniquely Canadian setting.

This is the one special holiday of the year that marks the beginning of summer vacation for many families. Many families will be packing up their campers, pets, families, and friends which will travel to the interior of  BC in hopes of finding warmer weather. We pray our blessings for safety for all our families travelling this weekend.  So be aware if any of you spot this Royal Couple on your vacation this weekend.
So, today I've chosen a salad that will drape the colors of our flag, and compliment any Canada Day celebration meal. This is a rustic salad using a few simple ingredients.

  • Salad Greens
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
  • Fresh Basil leaves
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic, salt and pepper
  1. On a large platter, arrange the washed salad greens, and add halved cherry tomatoes.
  2. Placed bocconcini mozzarella balls evenly on top of the tomatoes.
  3. Sprinkle torn basil leaves over the salad.  
  4. Add freshly ground pepper and drizzle with balsamic vinegar and oil mixture. 
  5.  Balsamic vinaigrette consists of 1/2 cup virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar.  Add one clove garlic minced and salt and pepper to taste and whisk together.
It's Canada Day and we started celebrating with family last night.  We added some freshly cooked salmon and halibut, with freshly grilled potatoes, freshly baked biscuits and rhubarb platz with ice-cream.  Enjoy and celebrate this wonderful country of ours. We have so much to be thankful for.


  1. Happy Canada day Y'all!

  2. This salad looks very good, especially since it is made with our red and white colours.
    Happy Canada Day from Ontario.

  3. Happy Canada day! It's been a few years since I've been up there for a visit. I was only in the western part of the country. So beautiful. We want to bring our daughters your way someday!

  4. I really like the recipes here. just a question? As "Mennonites" Why are you dressing your table with flags? This seems to be a great departure in what I know of Anabaptist, or Mennonites.

  5. I was born in Italy & grew up with bocconcini. We still use it today. The American Mozzarella is no comparison & is really a sad cheese indeed.

    Love it & good to see it used in a recipe!!!


  6. missionary momma, I'm not an expert in these things, but if I may, I'd like to say a little bit about how I see our pride in our flag. In former years when our fore-tathers were living in a country that was not theirs ...they were so-journers, so to say, because of persecution, they would not have flown a flag. They were not Russian. Today, we are living in a country that was founded on Christian principles, and we enjoy the freedom as true Canadians. We are aware of how much we need to be thankful for and should be so continually ... praying for our leaders and supporting them. This is one way to show our support.
    These are my thoughts... Anneliese
    (not having conferred with the rest of the girls)

  7. Anneliese, thank you for voicing how I feel as well. I see a flag as showing our love for our homeland and showing support for the governance that allows us the freedom of worship and expression. It reminds me daily to thank God for the privilege of living in such a great country.

    Your boccocini salad looks fabulous Marg - I too, love the flavours of tomato, basil and cheese.

  8. Anneliese, thank you for your answer. I just love this site and learn much from many of the home making arts here.

    I realize that the purpose of this site is not to argue doctrine. I was just so surprised. I come from non-Mennonite background but my husband and I converted to an Anabaptist Faith several years ago.

    I knew Mennonites varied in many areas such as dress, and practice, but until now, I had been under the impression that at the core of every Anabaptist group was a commitment towards non-resistance. Not just a passive anti-war approach but a non-resistance based on the Biblical teaching that this world is not our home. That our only "homeland" is Heaven.
    This article recently featured on CNN,

    Is a summary of what I thought was true across the board.
    I understand being thankful for a country, and I am not finding fault in that. I am just surprised by the flags.

    As an missionary I am perhaps more sensitive to the idea of "our" flag or "our" colors. I want to represent Christ and not a particular country.

    Anyway, thanks again for such a lovely site, and the encouragement I find in keeping my home.



  9. You do indeed.
    Happy Canada Day


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