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From Psalm 87 -- Think on THAT !

Glorious things are spoken of you, O City of God....

And of Zion it will be said,

This one and that one were born in her.

And the Most High Himself shall establish her.

The Lord will record, when he registers the people... "This one was born there!"


I dread turning on the morning news knowing I will only hear more 'bad' news.

Another disaster, another accident, another crime, rising gas prices, political unrest, fighting, war..... It is all so quickly depressing.

But then I read scripture passages like Psalm 87 where God speaks through the psalmist of something that gives Him great joy .. It is GOOD NEWS.

The word ending the psalm is 'Selah' which means "THINK on THAT!"

The Psalm is talking about the 'City of God' which Hebrews 12:22 indentifies as the heavenly city that is home to those that have been 'born again' because they put their faith in Jesus Christ .

But God's expressed joy in this psalm is not focused on the city.

Note the words... "This one.."

God looked down the corridors of time, His eyes searching for ONE among the multitudes and His finger joyfully pointed to YOU as He recorded your name and proclaimed to all..

"This one was born in her!"

"This one belongs to Me, to my City. This one is safe!"

In God's City there is no bad news... only personal promises that God will keep!

Selah ... Think on THAT !


  1. I learned something today - never knew what Selah meant. It really is comforting - thank you for sharing.

  2. Praise God for a Heavenly home that far exceeds anything here on earth,and oh yes,my dear Husband is there awaiting my coming.

  3. Good news...I will think on that today....and through the week. I did not know what Selah meant.....thank you for sharing this morning.

  4. Selah. . .thanks so much for this little encouragement this morning Julie.

  5. Praise His Holy Name! What a wonderful promise from our Heavenly Father!
    Thank you so much for the encouragement for today and every day.


  6. That puts everything back into perspective for us once again...Thank-you for this lesson. And will pray that back for you in the coming weeks.

  7. In God's city! Great news! Thanks!

  8. reminds me of Matthew 24:6 on our hearing of rumors of wars, etc., but the end is not yet and that He has our name in His hand from the womb on...what a great gift in the midst...thank you for our Lord's Day focus!

  9. praise God!!
    thank you for such encouragement today..

  10. Amen and Amen. Love that Good News!!

  11. Thank you for sharing this.

    All week long through scriptures, songs and the beauty of nature the Lord has comforted me with the same message: that I, as His child, am not of this world. And here is another reminder. Such wonderful news!

  12. I will think on that! Thanks Julie!

  13. Thank you Julie - it is the encouraging word I was looking for today.

  14. Thanks for sharing God's Word. May He bless you this week as we celebrate Jesus.


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