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Bread for the Journey ~ Second Advent

One of my first memories of Christmas was the lighting of the Advent Candles.
These candles were lit beginning the 4th Sunday before Dec. 25th.
My husband's family came from Germany and this was their tradition.
We eventually made this our family tradition while the children were younger,
I loved the anticipated looks from our children,
while we went to the forest, to gather branches to make a wreath.
The circular wreath represents God's eternity and unity.
Evergreens are a symbol of enduring life.

The children carefully took turns weekly lighting the candles.
Advent is an invitation to an inward preparation, calling us to listen,
to attend to the preparation of the heart.
The first candle lit signifies the
Hope of Jesus birth, representing the light of the world.
Second Candle ~ Peace ~ Without Christ their is no peace in this world.
Third Candle ~ Joy ~ Lasting Joy can be found through Christ.
Fourth Candle ~ Love ~ Christ represents his love to us through his birth.

My prayer for all of you,
"Oh God, as I close my eyes and allow my mind to go the quiet place I see, please help me learn how to welcome Advent and prepare for the coming of Christmas. So often I get caught up in the busyness of the season, running frantically through my daily "to do " list. Bring me into the stillness, into Your presence, that I may learn what it means to "wait on the Lord," to welcome Your coming in this holy season."


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate as a family. We have never had an advent wreath, but have always enjoyed the Sunday mornings at church in December where we light the candles and have the advent read. Thanks for this mornings prayer. Kathy

  2. Thank-you for this lovely reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.

  3. Beautiful...
    ..."Let every heart prepare Him room..."

  4. I grew up with not a wreath ..but rather a row of candles that we lit every evening and sang carols as a family. I didn't keep this tradition up .. I wish I had. .Thank you Marg.

  5. Thank you for this post. I've always wondered about the significance of the advent candles. Beautiful tradition.

  6. Lovely. Thanks for sharing this.


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