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Happy Anniversary Girls!

Time sure does fly when you are busy. . .and having fun!

It is hard to believe that the MGCC blog first began pumping out family recipe favorites one year ago.

With a simple idea and a few willing friends, I pressed the "create a blog" button and . . .
you began to show up. . .
looking in our kitchen windows. . . .
often remembering what your mom used to make in her kitchen.

We've learned so much ourselves. . .
testing recipes and reworking some that have nearly been forgotten.

We've had great fun learning to photograph food. . .
and learning how to best post a recipe.

Behind the scenes of our kitchens. . .
we have become friends.

Over the years, my circle of friends has had one constant. . .
it has reflected the stage of life that I am in.

Many friendships will remain forever. . .and nothing will sever those ties . .
but God continues to bless me with new friends. . .
today some of my dearest friends are those that share my passions.

This year blogging has taken a new turn for me . . .I have learned to entertain guests in a whole new way.
It is a little like playing make believe .. .
and in a sense. .
we don't really know who is sitting at the table of Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
Making this journey incredibly meaningful and special. ..
has been a group of ladies who like me. .
love to open up our homes to . . .
people like you.

Without you. . . it would be no fun to cook. . .
You have made this blog complete by encouraging us. . .
and tapping us on the shoulder when you think you might recognize us in the community.

The "girls" that write this blog have our own email address so that we can easily communicate ideas and questions and joys and concerns. . . and several times a week. . .
we chat back and forth.

God has blessed us tremendously with the gift of friendship. . .
and that has been perhaps the biggest surprise.

For the past while. .
we have sensed that God has a bigger purpose for our blog.
In the next while we will be "entertaining" ideas of of how this blog can have a greater purpose of giving back to God.

We feel burdened for children around the world that have not any food to eat.
Whatever we decide to do. . .we are committed to give 100% of the proceeds to a charity that we have yet to determine.

All of the contributors to this blog share another common bond.
We all believe that Jesus Christ came to save the world.
In Him we have a peace that only he can give. . .
and in Him we know that though we live in various different places in North America. . .
after this life on earth is done . .
we will be sharing the greatest feast of all together in Heaven.
What joy . ..
What a hope. .
None of us know what the next year will hold . ..
nor do we expect it will be free from struggles and challenges ..
but as friends . . .
we will stand together . .
working in our kitchens . . .
being an encouragement to each other. . .
and it is our prayer that this blog will also be an encouragement to you.
It has been my profound pleasure to create and administrate this blog.
I know that the contributors join me in humbly saying thank you for sitting at our table with us. .
All for now. . .
with love,


  1. Congratulations for a great year! I have tried many, many of your recipes over the past year and some are now family favorites!

    I don't often take time to comment, but I have enjoyed the daily peek into your kitchens.

    May God continue to bless your efforts!

    Kim from Hiraeth

  2. THANK YOU for your wonderful recipes, your family stories, and your Christian witness to all of us here in cyberworld!

    Blessings on all of you & your families on this beautiful Sunday morning.

  3. A beautiful, heartfelt post. Bless you and your journey ahead.

  4. Thanks ladies for creating such a wonderful place to find many of the recipes I grew up with.
    I love spending my mornings with a cup of tea and see what new and amazing things have been posted.

    Bless you and your families!

  5. Oh Lovella...I was waiting for this very special day and post. Congrats to everyone of you at MGCC! You have truly opened your hearts and 'homes' to all of us who come daily for food...not just for our bodies but for our hearts and soul. I personally can say what a HUGE blessing all of you have been for this past year my life found direction and focus again through some very rough times. You are all a blessing...I think everyone who comes by today will say so too...and will have a story or two to share as well. I am sure whatever lays ahead you will continue to honour the Lord through your witness...through cooking and the word. Bless you all....Happy Sunday...and here is to another glorious year ahead of MGCC!!!!

  6. What a blessing you have been. Your pleasant and kind words, your unbounding faith, your wonderful recipes and stories of your families, it has all been a blessing. I hope someway, somehow, a recipe book will emerge from this wonderful blog. God Bless and thanks. Susan

  7. Happy anniversary! I recently found your blog, and yesterday, I posted an entry about you girls...not knowing that today was your anniversary. Keep it up!

  8. Happy Anniversary ladies!! Your site inspires me to make some things I would never have thought of. Or you give me encouragement to make other meals that my mom used to make and that I have no recipe for.
    Your beautiful pictures that accompany your posts are always welcome! I almost never try something, if there is not a picture of how it´s supposed to look... :)
    Hope you continue to pleasure us with many, many more recipes!!

  9. Congrats on your 1rst yr. Very good blog and very good recipes,of which I have tried quite a few. Keep up the good work and the great photography. All the best as you venture into your 2nd yr...

  10. Happy Anniversary to all of you! Love the blog, you ladies do a great job and the recipes are decadent.

  11. Congrats on a fantastic year. I so enjoy reading your recipes.

    Big Thanks,


  12. Happy Anniversary! I've dined at your table many a times this past year and thank you for passing along your wisdom in food preparation!

    May God bless each and every one of you today!


  13. congrats from me to ya'll
    love your site
    and your recipes are wonderful
    my family so likes them too!
    thanks for your sweet witness, too
    blessings to all involved

  14. Thank you so much! I have only recently found this blog and in just a few weeks have served your meals to many family and friends! It is evident that each of you enjoy cooking/baking and serving others. Thank you for sharing a part of your lives with us!

    May God richly bless you!

    Katie Isaak

  15. Congrats on your first year. It is my first year blogaversay as well. Heres to more years of great food, great, great friends and loads of fun.

  16. Happy Blogiversary! :) God really has used this blog in an amazing way. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring! :)

  17. Congratulations all you wonderful ladies. I have just joined not that long ago but your site is my favorite. I have tried a few of the recipes and loved them I so look forward to seeing the next recipe each day. You are all wonderful Christian woman who share so much of your time and efforts. I thank you so much for the blessings that I receive each day just from your blog. My prayer this Sunday Afternoon is that the Lord will continue to bless each and every one of you and may HE bless each person who stops by. God Bless and Thank You
    Lori @

  18. I must have found you girls right after I started blogging. My 1 year anniversary was May 28th.

    I've very much enjoyed your recipes and been mind boggled there were so many. You girls need to write a book.

    Happy Anniversary! Keep on cooking.

  19. Congratulations! Your food blog is one of my favorites and I look forward to checking it everyday and seeing what goodies everyone is cooking. Thanks for all the great recipes!!!!

  20. I don't often comment either...but I follow the recipes and love to "tune in" and see what is new. I too share your commitment to Our Lord Jesus Christ and I loved reading about the inspiration and intent of this blog! Thanks for the recipes, the encouragement and the fun place to land. Our kitchen tables hold much more than just food. They dish out true encouragement for the soul & spirit!

    Happy Anniversary,
    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  21. Congrats and thank you! I just love your blog!! KEEP IT UP:)

  22. Congratulations!!! A big thank you from way down in Argentina. I have used many recipes although sometimes have to change things for lack of ingredients. You are all such a blessing. Thanks for what you do.

  23. Lovella! Thank you, thank you! You really are the glue that holds this wonderful blog together and I appreciate your inspiration, skills (both cooking and photography and a whole lot of others!)Thank you for editing and all you do to make this an amazing site!! Blessings on you...

  24. What a year! I've enjoyed so many recipes. And how nice to see your pictures. Keep up the good work, and God bless.

  25. Comgratulations, I've been enjoying reading your blog for quite some time and while I enjoy the many delicious recipes I also enjoy the personal moments you're willing to share. Keep up and press on, Sister!

  26. What a great year! You all have contributed such wonderful recipes and I enjoy reading each new entry. Thank you so much!

  27. Another congratulations to you lovely ladies! I've only recently discovered your wen site, but already it has become a corner stone for me. I often find myself not knowing what to make for any given situation, so I turn to your blog. Thank you so much! You've made my life a bit easier. :-)

    Also, when it comes to feeding starving children, that's a passion that my husband, my children, and I share. We work closely with an organization called Kids Against Hunger, and I've seen first hand that this food gets to the children. Check them out if you have time... They're bound to have a location near you where you can get involved. :-)
    May God continue to richly bless all of you!

  28. I'm so happy to see all of your beautiful faces! Your blog has made such a difference in my life this year! I've actually added some new recipes to my dinner time meals and that is a very good thing! I'm so happy for you and I will be anxious to see where God leads you now. You certainly have my support! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  29. Congratulations on a great success! Since I've been reading your blog, you all have saved me several times from the never-ending-what's-for-dinner-quest! Thanks for your willingness to share your recipes and your faith.

  30. Happy Anniversary to ALL of you! I so enjoy stopping by to see whats cooking----I don't comment often, but you are a wonderful blessing!

  31. I've loved reading your blog and trying your recipes. It's taught me lots about cooking -- mainly to not be so serious about it. I wish you the very best in your good works. Jan

  32. Congratulations on your very successful first year of blogging. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I love to find out what you've been baking.

    Thank you to for proclaiming your faith in Jesus Christ. You are setting a wonderful example for others.

    Looking forward to another year of fantastic recipes from the Mennonite Girls.

  33. I also enjoy all of your recipes and I was wondering....does anyone have the recipe for UBC rice krispy squares? Thanks.

  34. A belated congratulations to you all on your first anniversary!! Thank you so much for sharing your family recipes, your special occasion and holiday recipes, your gluten-free ideas and your thrifty recipes. I have enjoyed Mennonite cooking ever since my days at Winnipeg Bible College when Sadie Warkentin ruled the kitchen. A wonderful cook who wasted nothing! My More With Less cookbook has been with me since my first days of marriage. I wish you all the best in the next year and look forward to the new idea - I'm sure it will be one that blesses many!

  35. Happy anniversary!

    I am very happy you pushed the start a blog button. :)

  36. I love this blog, from one Mennonite girl to a bunch of others, thanks so much for taking the time to share your love for baking/cooking with the bloggie world.


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