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Sausage and Pancake Strata

I found this recipe for a breakfast casserole in an old 'Woman's World' magazine. The recipe claims that it tastes like the McDonald's McGriddle sandwich.
I had planned to post a special cake for someone very special today but then decided I'd rather 'invite' her to brunch and make this strata. So Lovella this one's for you. You are celebrating your 50th today and I want to wish you a very happy birthday! You have been an inspiration to me, you set a good example to many. I love your enthusiasm for life and how you express love for God, your beloved, your children, your grand babies and your friends! We have never met in person but I count you a true friend. Seems like a long time ago that I googled 'Paska' and found much more..I found the recipe and a friend! Wishing you God's blessings today and keep celebrating!
  • 12 eggs
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 package (14.5 oz) frozen mini pancakes (I made my own although from a mix) approximately 18
  • 1 package (7 oz) maple flavored brown and serve sausage patties, 8 or 9 patties
  • Maple Syrup
Beat eggs with milk, stir in cheese and salt and set aside.
Cook the sausages and the pancakes.
Arrange half of pancakes in bottom of a greased 11" x 7" dish. Top with sausage patties.
Pour egg mixture over the patties and top with the rest of the pancakes, gently pressing them into the egg mixture to partially coat them.
Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes at 350ยบ.
Uncover and drizzle maple syrup over the egg mixture which has started to set at this point.
Continue baking uncovered for another 30 minutes until set.
Let stand 5 minutes before serving.
Drizzle with more maple syrup if you prefer.
Serves: 9


  1. thankyou for the brunch recipe, one that i have never even had before....and i am glad that this way ALL if us are invited and can celebrate with Lovella in a special way.
    Happy B-day my friend!

  2. Happy Birthday Lovella! I think she will enjoy this dish! I know I would! Have a wonderful day!

  3. How many pans did you make? It looks like there'll be many of us coming for brunch!

    That's a fun strata idea! I had no idea you could buy frozen pancakes. Hmmm...why would you?

  4. Wow .. I must say ... this looks so good and my guys would absolutely love it!

    Thanks for sharing it with us! Blessings to you today!

  5. Mmmm.. brunch is good ! especially a birthday brunch!
    I love an e-birthday brunch - its sooo easy on the calories! and there is sure to be enough for all of us !!!!!

  6. . ..and I even get a special breakfast from Betty .. .this takes the cake. .
    Thank you Betty . . .you are so sweet to find a way to add your birthday wishes to me.
    I am just flabbergasted by this out pouring of love.. .I was speechless but have since moved to flabbergasted. . . .and smiling.

  7. Love the fast, faster, fastest options that are out there for pancakes nowadays.

    I'm in on this recipe, just as soon as I get my kitchen back!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful recipe...thanks for sharing it!

  9. Where' the table setting and china and balloons. We need to make this really happen. What makes us wait so long?
    Enjoy this one-time only event.

  10. Hmm... looks tasty. But give yourself more credit than "tastes like MacDonalds" okay?

  11. Yum...I'm up for brunch! This looks just right for me and I am thinking the guys would love it! Maybe one of those brunches to serve when the house is full of teenage boys groggily getting up mid-morning. Thanks for posting Betty...wondered just how you would be able to join the party...but here you were setting the table for all us with your delicious food. Glad we met over Paska!!!!! Good friends come from good cooking!

  12. I just love your website. All the recipes look so good. I am going to try the crazy cake with the burnt coconut frosting....looks absolutely delicious.

  13. Thanks for the recipes. I love McGriddles so I'm thinking I'll also love this brunch recipe. Thanks also for dropping by my blog. PAM


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