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Decadent Chocolate Trifle

Have you ever caught yourself in a pinch?
I think we've all been there.
On Friday, recognizing that it was also my daughter's birthday,
I thought..Hm...what can I send along to the city?
How do I even have time to make something,
while my day was packed with a flurry of celebrations.
I knew she was having a party with friends.

I know she loves Skor Bars, and so I found this recipe in the
Greendale Mennonite Cookbook, pg.180
Well I began scrambling...cake was baking while I was out walking.
Cake and pudding cooled while lunching out.
Came home and quickly assembled the layers.
Ready for three o'clock pick-up.
Off to the game I went.
Surprising how we can work under pressure.

I'm always thankful when I have the right ingredients on hand.
I have a friend and she helps me along.
Yea! Betty Crocker.
I store her in my pantry.
She only comes out in a pinch.

Decadent Chocolate Trifle

1 chocolate cake
1 large Cool -Whip
6 Skor Bars, crushed
4 Chocolate Mousse mixes
2-3 cups peanuts
2 jars caramel topping

Cut cake into bite size pieces.
Make chocolate pudding according to directions on package.
Layer in the order listed.
I didn't have Mousse in the house, so I used chocolate cooked pudding.
Did you know that you can buy Skor Chipits?

I could already see quite quickly, that this was a large recipe.
So, I decided to half it and put it in s smaller bowl.

Cut cake into bite size pieces.
Layer with whipping cream or Cool-Whip.
Drizzle the crushed skor bits on top.

Yummy, can you see the chocolate pudding?
Throw the nuts on top!

Drizzle the caramel topping and you are set to go!
It's more advisable to chill for several hours.
They are still ramping and raving over it.

Now I have just enough left for a small dinner company!


  1. I've never made chocolate trifle. I think I've got to try it :0)
    Way to work in a pinch!!

  2. Decadent for sure! And it's so nice to have photos of those recipes that we can only imagine.

    So many betty's...but nice to keep Betty C in the closet...she's always great in a pinch.

  3. This is a quick dessert and it looks yummy, Marg. I too let Betty C out every once in awhile. I love those Skor handy!

  4. Awesome, we were buying chocolate bars for our chicken catchers yesterday. ..and there were skor bars in the pack .. terry said. .we don't like skor bars that much . .but we do love them in cakes. . so I made him keep those back.
    I agree with Judy from her porch .. I love keeping Betty C in the closet too.

  5. oobie doobie sounds great (and probably a million calories,oh well).....

  6. Looks so yummy! Thanks for the recipe. Kathy


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