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Judy's Kitchen ~ Open House

Over the years I have shared many recipes with you, all prepared and cooked in this kitchen.  You have had a peek, but today I will give you a bit of a tour.

All the counters are cleared (for a change)...and no cooking is happening here today. Our country farmhouse was built fourteen years ago and nothing has changed since then.

A panorama shot gives you a better idea of the layout...a u-shaped kitchen which is open to the dining room and great room.  The bar is perfect for 'dinner for two', which is where most of our meals are enjoyed.  Above the double oven is a television (behind closed doors when not in use)...handy for watching the news over coffee or while working in the kitchen. The door on the right opens to a fair-sized pantry...a great place for storing anything and everything.

That door is normally closed...for good reason! One of the best decisions we made was to put a small chest freezer in the pantry.  It comes in handy.

Behind the pantry door is a wall of narrow shelves...perfect for storing tins and bottles which can be easily seen at a glance.

My cabinets feature several towers of pull-out shelving that work well for me. The one above is next to the stove and the ideal place for keeping oils, vinegar and seasonings often used when cooking.  The other one stores baking supplies and is next to my flour and sugar bins.

For many people, the space above the hood fan over the stove is a wasted space. But for someone who is tall (as I am) it is the perfect spot to store commonly used herbs and spices. A tiered spice rack makes good use of that space.

As for the floors...they are re-claimed British Columbia fir. When we did a re-model of the original barn on our farm, we saved the timbers and had them cut into wide planks of varying widths, which were then sanded to bring out the rich and distinct patina of the wood. We used this wood (more than a century old) for the floors of the main living area of our house, including the kitchen.

What could be better than having the grands join me in the kitchen...baking cookies, decorating cakes or making desserts?  Two of these grands are now teenagers.  They no longer sit on counters or stand on chairs to help in the kitchen. Good memories!

Having the whole gang around the table is always a joy.  At times it's a bit of a zoo, but that spells family! The table extends to seat sixteen...and when that is full, we set up another table. 

Over the years we have shared many wonderful moments with friends around that table.  Let me throw in a photo of the ten of us MGCC ladies...taken the first weekend that we all met up face-to-face, in the late summer of 2010.

One of my favorite kitchen features has nothing whatsoever to do with the kitchen...but everything to do with view through the window!  There is always something to see out there.

Whether it is the corn harvest in fall...

...or the doves on a misty morning in spring

...or the sun setting in the western sky, it makes standing at the kitchen sink a pleasure.

And that was just a wee peek into my kitchen...the kitchen that is 'the heart of the home'.


  1. Your kitchen is stunning as is the view out of your window!!! Your storage areas are perfect. The flooring is just so beautiful and I love that it's reclaimed wood from your original barn. You have a gorgeous, very warm and welcoming home, inside and out!

  2. Wow! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for the tour.

  3. Hi there Judy,
    You have a lovely home. The view is fantastic! I love looking out the window from my sink and seeing nothing but gardens, and beyond that, farmland. I love the hills in your view. My favourite shot is of your family - beautiful bunch - and I have to say, I adore those floors.
    Have a wonderful Saturday,

  4. Loved the peek! Very much enjoyed seeing the family gathered. What a great view out your kitchen window. I am jealous of your height. I can use no upper cabinets without a stepstool. It's ridiculous...

  5. I love it...the floors, the cabinets...perfect! But I want to know where you found a table that extends to fit 16! I need one of those!

  6. I love everything about your kitchen Judy! My favourite parts are your view, your floors, and your pantry. It's all beautiful and organized!

  7. Judy ... a magazine-quality post ! Who wouldn't LOVE your kitchen... it is perfect ... and using the barn planks for your flooring, such a great idea !

  8. What a welcoming and well-planned home. I envy those "cleared" surfaces.. that discipline is a
    gift. The warmth of gatherings around your table and the love that created it all bears your
    hallmark, Judy. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Absolutely beautiful and well planned for big or small gatherings. And that view! I would gladly stand at that sink and hand wash the dishes and enjoy every minute!

  10. Many a time...I've been able to drop by as we live in close vicinity...and have been a recipient of many gatherings in her home. I too, love all the beauty of her surround landscape. Judy did not mention this, but she also runs a B/B to many friends and relatives at no charge.

  11. That is my idea of a working kitchen - lovely layout and I noticed the window over the kitchen sink first thing! The reclaimed hardwood floor is beautiful.

  12. Beautiful kitchen and even more beautiful view!!! I've got to google "MGCC" to find out - looks like such a wonderful group of ladies

  13. This was so much fun. Thank you for sharing your life in this way. Wish it were possible to meet all of you but since I can't, a post like this is a nice substitute.

  14. I didn't know that about your floors Judy. How special is having those barn planks polished to add beauty to your home. I also loved your pantry enough to copy the idea of those 6 inch shelves behind the door. It's a very appreciated part of the pantry in my recently renovated kitchen. And what a fabulous "window to the world" as you work at your sink. A beautiful kitchen and a beautiful post.

  15. It's all wonderful especially the view out your kitchen window.
    I also really like your rock fireplace!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  16. Beautiful kitchen! But I did not understand what you meant by the double ovens being a TV??

    1. Above the double oven is a television. The cabinet doors close to hide the TV when not in use.


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