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Bread For The Journey

Imagination paints the artist's canvas 
Imagination weaves the author's tale
Imagination carves the sculptor's image 
Imagination builds the craftsman's masterpiece.

Imagination  is a gift God gave us to 'see'  beyond what we can see with our physical eyes.

The photo above is my  amateur attempt at painting 
 a 'hole in the wall' in my en suite,
My en suite doesn't have a window but I wished it did,
so I let my imagination create one.
It lets me see  the blue sky on the other side.of the wall every time I walk into the room.

Our physical senses dictate what we can see and limit us to an earthly view -
 they erect a wall preventing us from perceiving,
what is beyond  the physical reality of this earthly life.

But the Master of all Creation
created a hole in the wall that blocks our view of the heavenly realms.
He sent Jesus!
Whose words and life open to us a window through which we can see and understand
beyond what our physical senses allow,
We can see the invisible God of all eternity ...   
We can see the reality of the spiritual Kingdom of God, 
where the Son always shines, and the possibilities are unlimited. 

"Now to Him, who by His power working in us is able to do
 far beyond anything 
we can ask or imagine."
Ephesians 3:20
(CJB version) 


  1. Okay, totally digging your analogy and I don't want to point away from that but my goodness that's a good painting job! When I saw it I totally believed it and then reading about it I had to scroll back up and look again! Very cool!

  2. A tour de force in every respect..... As Einstein commented....imagination
    is more important than knowledge - knowledge being limited.....

  3. Beautiful words Julie and that painting is fabulous!

  4. Beautiful painting! Working as an artist for many years I know where the imagination comes from! Happy to be the vessel!

  5. I am awestruck - not only by your painting, but by the vision to imagine it there!! Thank-you for this very beautiful post and your eloquent words, truly Bread for the Journey. Another Ellen


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