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Tea Party Inspiration?

I have granddaughters (and grandsons) who get pretty excited about a tea party.
It can be as simple as getting out the plastic play set and serving
tiny cookies and fruit . . .

or stepping it up on occasion to make it extra special.

This tea party might looks fancy, but it was quite simple really.
I went to the Dollar bins at Michael's and
got a few things, such as the pink canning jars . . .
and filled them with tulips . . .

added some candles and doilies  
and threw about some glittery stones.

Of course you can't forget the sugar and cream for the tea,

(Adding colored sugar sprinkles adds fun to a light colored tea)

And there is always something special about tiny scones and jam . . .

ham sandwiches and cucumbers,

and cookies on a tiered plate.
(aka - Christmas baking from the freezer)

Strips of ribbon with glittery flower stickers attached
hung from the light fixture above the table.
Of course, totally optional but fun!!
Is there a tea party in your future?


  1. This is so beautiful....I am feeling inspired. Thank you Anneliese ( you have a beautiful name!)

  2. I love your tea party table Anneliese. It is more than even fun for the grands, it is teaching some etiquette and they will know how to serve tea to their friends instead of just meeting at a coffee shop. (I do wonder when you will just switch them all to coffee =)

  3. This makes wonderful memories for the kiddies. It also gives you a chance to show them how to behave at a party. Good social skills start here. Wonderful idea!

  4. Oh I hope there are many tea parties in my future!!! I'm taking Grammy notes here :)

  5. It looks lovely and I sure wish I had my grandsons near to invite them, although I don't think there would be much pink or china involved. :) I had 2 friends for tea on Thursday and there was aqua and pink for colours along with pretty pink and white tulips, and Royal Albert china mugs of course. :)

  6. Lovely pictures and a great reminder to elevate something we do every day and make it special!!

  7. Oh Anneliese - you do such a great job of entertaining your little ones. They will always remember how Mimi took the time to make it special for them.


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