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"My Beloved"     
    "The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him, 
Who shelters him all the day long."

  Deu 33:12 

The beautiful words of the above verse , convey a message  of God  speaking of the intimacy  He desires  with  His loved one. 
Understanding the Hebrew word translated 'beloved'  gives us an even greater depth of meaning. 

The Hebrew word for 'beloved' is 'yedeed'. 
Although the word is pronounced with two different sounds ,
the written word is actually the same letter 'yed' written twice. 
In Hebrew, unlike our English language,  each letter has a meaning, a picture and a number. 
The meaning of the word 'yed'  is 'hand'. 

So putting two 'yed' s together is saying 'hand hand' or 'hand in hand'. 
When God calls us His beloved, what He is is saying is, 
"You, whose hand I have clasped in mine." 

Think about what it feels like when a loved one reaches out to clasp your hand, 
then think about what it means to have your Heavenly Bridegroom say,
 "I am holding your hand in mine. I will never let go." 


  1. Thanks for your words. They were a balsam....

  2. Such a beautiful word picture...

  3. Dear God, Help me to love my husband again because you love me.

    1. Dear Lord, I stand with this wife... I pray that you would fill her heart with your love to overflowing that her husband will also be melted by it. Heal this marriage for your glory and bless it with your abundance! thank you ... in Jesus' name who clasps our hands... Amen

    2. I wanted you to know love has reappeared in our home .Thank you for your prayer. I began looking for things I could find that I loved about him and expressed those aloud to him. One day he said to me that he was not happy with the way he had been treating me.It has been a blessing to see things change.

    3. Thank you for sharing that with us! I truly rejoice with you and thank God for restoring the love in your marriage. May you grow ever stronger in your love for each other and your love for God as you walk 'hand in hand'.


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