Mulled Cran/apple cider

This recipe is a combination for equal parts cranberry juice and apple juice. They are fine used alone, but I combined them for our party and it went over very well. The recipe has been tweaked from a combination of several recipes.

1 litre cranberry juice
1 litre apple juice
12 allspice kernels
12 cloves
2-4 cinnamon stick
1-2 sliced oranges
may add brown sugar to taste
heat on low and simmer for several hours, or in the slow cooker.
It gives the house a real Christmassy aroma that just feels good!


  1. Oh....NOW I am ready for Christmas! Wonderful Char...this is JUST what we need on these cool nights leading up to the season! Love it!

  2. I'm sure this gives the house a wonderful aroma, Char.
    I made apple concentrate this fall and that juice will go well with cranberry juice!

  3. It is cold here in Kentucky and this sounds like just the thing to warm us up..m..

  4. I can almost smell it! That's our favorite mulled with cranberry...and my recipe looks much like yours. I'm looking forward to the season.

  5. That is a wonderful combination that I'll have to try. Looking forward to it.

  6. Oooh, now this looks fantastic...perfect for the way the weather is turning. Thanks!

  7. Love this cider and the picture looks great too!

  8. Delicious, thanks! (I find most comments on this blog are from people who WANT to try the recipe, not from ones who actually have made it!) It did make my house smell great and my guests also enjoyed this drink!

  9. I am not sure where to post this question, but I am looking for a recipe for mulled apple cider made from apple juice. Can recipes calling for apple cider be used? It's too early for apple cider in the stores, but I want a hot drink for a baby shower. Thanks for any info.

  10. When I want a mulled apple drink, I have always just used apple juice since I have had trouble finding Apple Cider. I think this is a wonderful recipe to try, and go ahead and use apple juice.