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First Rule for the Budding Chef

My two granddaughters are beginning to enjoy baking in the kitchen and my daughter is quite happy for them to learn.
This afternoon my ten year old wanted to make cookies , all by herself. So my daughter showed her the recipe and laid out the ingredients for her.
All seemed to be going well.. and soon the cookies were in the oven.
After some time my granddaughter came to her mother and said... "Mom, I think I made a mistake in the recipe ... the cookies taste a little salty!"

The recipe called for 1/4 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. vanilla....
My granddaughter had put in 1/4 CUP of salt, and 1/4 CUP of vanilla !!!!

Rule - ALWAYS check your ingredient measurements !! smile


  1. oh my that is too funny.
    i am sure that we can all relate to stories like that. some day she will share her story with her own children and they will all laugh about it.
    i think it would be good to do a mgcc outtake and share our bluppers, pictures and all.
    you know, we may be seasoned cooks, but there were a lot of redos to get there! smile

  2. oh how hilarious...but Char is doesn't just happen to the young'uns. stories being told here today but I had one of those weekends and I know someone else did too! HA!

  3. Oh my I would have liked to see the expression on her face when she tried that first cookie!
    Yep I know all about cooking bloopers and I may as well admit I am the one Trish is talking about. T'was not a 'kitchen' day for me yesterday! And that's all I'm saying..grin

  4. Aww... not fair, Betty !! We're all curious now !!!

  5. That is hilarious! Gotta learn sometime, huh? And have GOT to tell the story now! ;)

  6. oh dear, I have a similar cocoa story but I made my error on the day that I was packing my first ever picnic for my beloved.. . .I had no intentions of packing the VERY chocolatey cake, but my mom stuck it in. . .he still married me. . .woo hoo.

  7. My mother in law, brother in law and sister on law all have Celiac - this article is such a happy blog to read and pass on to them and also two neighbors because they feel very limited at times. Usually they take the attitiude "it's what we CAN eat not what we Can't" but new articles and recipes are a blessing - thank you so much. Jennifer


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