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The Mandevilla is my new favorite plant.
It blooms with the most wild abandonment, as if it is bursting with joy!
The beauty of its satin-soft almost translucent petals inspired
my neighbour to call them "angel flowers".
What would our life be without beauty in it ?
We spend more time seeking, creating beauty than we
would probably acknowledge.
We beautify our homes, our gardens, our tables.
We seek it in the mirror... thinking...
If we are beautiful we will be loved.
Did you ever stop to realize that the God -
who created such beauty in His creation;
Who also created YOU -
thinks you are are beautiful and His heart yearns for you?
Psalm 45:11
So the King will greatly desire your beauty,
Because He is your Lord, worship Him.
We are loved with a love that far surpasses any human love
we have known.
How can we respond to such a love other
than with deep felt emotion ,
and melted heart
lifted in worship to Him!
"Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy
in His tabernacle;
I will sing,
I will sing praises to the Lord"
Ps. 27:6b


  1. Wonderful thought,that God thinks I'm beautiful.I knew this,but it is still good to be reminded once in a while.

  2. What a great thought! If we would only look at ourselves through His eyes I think we would be surprised what we might see. Thanks for sharing!

    until next time... nel

  3. Meaningful post! I know that if I already feel that way about the people I love - my hubby, my children, my grands, my friends - that they are so beautiful inside and out, how much more does my heavenly Father love each one of His children as if we are the only one to love!

  4. What truth in your words today, backed up with meaningful. You are so right..all the time I spend on myself and things, to find pleasure. We all know that we are beautiful to the Lord, but there is more to it than just the knowledge. Thank you for giving me food for thought today. I love your soft looking. Kathy (MGCC)

  5. Words each of us should take to heart and then live like we believe them!
    Thank you for sharing.


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