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Bagel Sandwich

I always keep some Whole Wheat Multigrain Bagels in my freezer for a quick lunch. When you buy bagels don't assume that a Mulitgrain Bagel is Whole Wheat. Depending on where you live. . .Multigrain might very well mean that the Bagel has various grains in it. Read your label to be sure that the flour is Whole Wheat.
On this bagel I change up the ingredients but I almost always use a meat. . a type of cheese. .and a topping of veggie. Try different combinations to keep your lunches interesting.

  1. First spread your bagel with Dijon Mustard.
  2. Then choose a thin slice or two of either
  • smoked turkey or chicken
  • lean ham
  • crisp bacon
  • a cheese of your choice. I used a spicy jalapeno havarti.

Top with a few slices of veggie . . or just thin tomato. Keep the tomato thin so it broils up nicely.

If you want a veggie sandwich just use some peppers and cheese.

I'm sure you will have lots of your own ideas. . .please share. I'll add them onto the recipe.


  1. That is a thing of beauty- I've been using bagels for sandwiches for years, but I don't think I've ever made one that looks that good. Thanks for the tips!

  2. That bagel looks so yummy, I'm always looking for easy sandwich ideas, for those busy nights, or to go with soup, this one is beautiful!

  3. Bagels are my absolute favorite. Your Tomato Bruschetta recipe the other day along with this one just makes my mouth sing.

    I like to take an onion bagel, spread cream cheese with fresh dill on it, add a few thin slices of baked ham and top it with swiss cheese and fresh ground pepper then I broil it. Very delicious.

  4. We always referred to this as a "Yummy Bagel" growing up. Now I sometimes substitute salsa for the tomato for a kick, but I've never tried the dijon mustard. Will have to try it!

  5. I love this kind of lunch. It's so quick and simple, but nutritious. Even though I don't (formally) work anymore ... I WORK!

    I also use pita breads for this. I do not separate the circles, and quite often saute the toppings first so they are cooked. Then I put them under the broiler for a few minutes to heat it up and melt the cheese. I like a lot of veggies on mine so the saute ensures they are cooked without burning the pita.


  6. Sorry...I don't know where to post my little note, but I wanted to extend my appreciation and delight at winning your giveaway. Green is our favorite color here, lots and lots of green in the kitchen, including green Depression glassware and a green wooden breadbox, grins. So, the green dishcloth is just perfect. I'll have to do as my grandmother did when she received something she loved, tuck it away for "special"! Thanks again!

  7. That is one of my favourite lunches! My preference is tomatoe and swiss but I sometimes have to do with what's in the fridge. :)
    That picture makes my mouth water!

  8. Lovella! This looks wonderful! I'm thinking I'd love it for my breakfast right now!!

  9. I like to make bagel pizzas using pizza sauce or even tomato pasta sauce instead of the dijon mustard. Yum!

  10. That looks so yummy that I almost want to load everyone up and go to the store.
    I will be looking for some bagels when we do go to town next time.


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