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Butterscotch Pie

Having a freshly baked pie to serve after a meal is always a treat for family and friends. When I make this pie I have the crust baked earlier on in the day, and then make the filling and brown sugar meringue not more than 2 hours before I will be serving it. I got this recipe from my mother in law's recipe collection. She is known for her wonderful pies. For the crust she uses the recipe on the Crisco box, but I use the recipe on the Tender Flake box. The key to a good pie crust is to not over mix, and to insure that your liquid and shortening are very cold. So experiment and find the one that you like best. I always make the full recipe on the box and roll out and fit pie plates with the crusts for future use. They freeze very well, and it is so handy to just pull out a frozen shell and bake it for a fresh pie.

Butterscotch Filling
-1 cup brown sugar
-4 tbsp cornstarch
-1/2 tsp salt
-2 cups milk
-2 egg yolks
-1 tbsp butter
-1 tsp vanilla
Place first 5 ingredients in a microwaveable bowl and whisk together well. Microwave for 3 minutes and stir well. Microwave again for 2 minutes and stir again. Mixture should be thick and bubbly. Depending on how hot your microwave is you may need to heat another minute or two. Make sure it has bubbled well, thickened and very creamy... but don't over cook it. Once it is done, add the butter and vanilla. Give filling a good whisk and pour it into your cooled pie shell.

Brown Sugar Meringue
-2 egg whites
-1/8 tsp salt
-2 tbsp brown sugar
Beat ingredients together in a metal or glass bowl until stiff peaks form. It is very important that when you are beating egg whites that your bowl is completely dry and also that you have no egg yolk in the whites. Pile the meringue on top of the hot filling and spread it to cover the entire surface of the pie. Bake in 400º oven for 5 minutes or until golden brown. Never walk away from meringue as it browns very quickly. Remove to a cooling rack. Do not cool this pie in the fridge because you will loose the creamy texture of the filling. It is best served just before it is completely cooled.


  1. Hi, Kathy. Could you please post recipes for pie crusts you use too. Thanks.

  2. Wondered if you could elaborate on the pastry recipe any more for those of us in the UK who have neither Crisco nor Tender Flake boxes? Please? Is it a basic shortcrust pastry, or is it perhaps enriched?



  3. How do you keep a pie shell from shrinking while baking? I use the Tenderflake box recipe too. I did not know that you could freeze empty pie shells. Good to know. I just recently was directed to your website. The pictures are beautiful, do each of you do your own photography?

  4. yess Lorrie we each do our own photography. Just point and click. Some are more creative than others, but it is a whole bunch of fun.
    Kathy, I am going to make this no doubt.
    My hubby loooooves butterscotch and never have I made a him a pie like this. THANKYOU THANKYOU ((()))

  5. also ladies, there a really good pie crust recipes posted in the side bar, just click onto pies and pastry and you will find some good ones there.

  6. t sounds wonderful but since I don't have a microwave I guess I will have to pass.

  7. Well this is certainly not fair. I'm trying to lose 10# and I know for a fact I could consume this baby in about two sittings. oh yum.

  8. Wow..delicious! This will be a hit in our household!!

  9. I am looking for a dessert for this weekend. . .and I'm thinking this might be the ticket.
    Thanks Kathy.

  10. Sounds creamy and decadent. We love butterscotch. I've never had a butterscotch pie so this would be a treat!

  11. any ideas for how to keep the empty pie shell from shrinking while baking?

  12. Michelle, I don't have a microwave either but I will be making this stove top style. The basic way to do pudding filling is to heat all of the milk (except 1/2 cup or so) in a small pot. While you're doing that, mix up the dry ingredients in small bowl, stir in a bit of milk and the egg yolks until smooth and then the rest of the half cup of milk. When the milk in the pot starts to steam or almost boil, stir in the mix and continue stirring until it comes to a boil.Stirring is important on the stove-top method. I hope that helps.

    Morgan - It's difficult when we use brand name labels - pie crusts are best made with shortening or lard - if you can't get that use butter - but make sure it's cold and blend it in with a pastry blender - leaving it crumbly - not mushy - and then stir in the liguids with a fork only until it holds together.

    Lorrie- you can freeze empty unbaked pie need to thaw to bake.

    Kathy, I hope you dont' mind me - you gave such excellent advice and I love the fact that there are questions too. I've never had butterscotch pie and I look forward to making this!

  13. May I? Make sure the pastry comes to the very top and laps a bit over onto the rim -kind of pressing it onto the top of the rim as you flute it. Otherwise, I don't worry about the shrinking that happens ... there'll be plenty of room enough for the filling.
    Okay, sorry - now I've probably said enough. If someone else has advice - go ahead...I'm listening.

  14. Your pie and your picture look great..

  15. When I bake a pie crust, after I flute the edges, I take a fork and prick it all over the bottom and sides. This helps so the crust doesn't shrink much as it bakes.

  16. In hind sight I am so sorry I didn't put the pie crust recipe on this post. I will edit this post and add the crust recipe I use. Thank you for your request. I read Charlotte and Anneliese's comments addressing the questions some of you had and their suggestions are exactly what I would tell you as well. Thanks for helping me out here girls. If I freeze the crust and then bake it, I put it in a 375º oven frozen for about 5 minutes and then prick it all over the bottom and up the sides. Put it back in the oven and bake another 10-15 minutes. It should be a light golden color. If it is not frozen I prick it first and then bake about 15-20 minutes. Cooking the filling on the stove top works very well, just don't leave it as a custard will burn easily. Wishing you all good success with your crusts and filling. Kathy

  17. Well you all answered some of my questions about the pie crust shrinking...
    I'll just keep poking those wholes.
    We love pie in our family and so does my European company which will be arriving next week.

  18. Hi, please could you help me. I would love to make this, but don't know the cuo measures in grams! Can't find it either anywhere in my cookbooks. Is a "cup" the same with all ingredients or does it vary? Please help as you have such great recipes!

  19. Andrea, Lovella just added a conversion chart to the blog which should help you and anyone else having difficulty. So now...Go and bake a pie for someone special. Enjoy! Kathy

  20. Just for refference, a cup is 8 oz.
    and there are 16 Tbsp in a cup.
    That might help too.

  21. Thanks so much to Lovella and Anneliese for the conversion help. I baked the pie for a very special friends birthday and it worked like a dream and was eaten in no time! Thank you again. This is just such a great site!

  22. Glad to find a gluten free pie recipe. Can't wait to try it. Haven't had a pie for about a year.