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When I was dating my husband, his Mom would often have some of the young people from church over and she would make homemade tacos. They were a favorite then and have been one of the most requested meals from our girls and their friends while growing up. We all gathered in the kitchen and would each be given a few items to chop or grate. Have you ever heard of putting mashed potatoes, peas, and dill pickles in tacos? Well we do and it is tasty! Weird, but tasty! Try it, I think you will agree!

  • 1 cup white flour
  • 1/2 cup corn meal
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • Whisk ingredients together until you get a smooth runny batter.
    STEP ONE-dry frySpray a non stick fry pan with a small amount of PAM
    Heat on medium heat until pan is hot. Place about 1/2 cup of batter into the middle of the pan and with the back of a spoon swirl batter into a very thin circle. Allow to set and then flip to dry fry the other side. Place on cooling rack and continue until all the batter is used up. You will have about 6-8 shells. You can use these shells now or for added flavor and slight crispness deep fry in canola oil. They don't freeze well.
    STEP TWO-deep fry (optional)Using a deep sided fry pan add about 2 inches of oil to the pan and heat on med-high. You want the oil to be hot enough that when you drop the shell in it sizzles. (not too hot or they get too crispy) I usually just dip the corner of one shell into oil to check it out.
    When oil is hot enough drop shells in one at a time , let fry for about 20 seconds and then flip with a spoon and fork and fry about 20 more seconds. They should not get too crispy as you want to be able to roll them after filling. After deep frying each shell place on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel to absorb excess grease. Continue until you have all the shells fried. Once fried they are best eaten right aways. I keep them in a warm oven.
    Before I make the shells I usually cut up all the fillings. Put each item in a serving dish ready for everyone to fill their own shells.

    • 1 pound ground beef -fry and salt/pepper to taste(or add a package of taco seasoning)
    • 2 cups of mashed potatoes - I add a bit of milk and butter to make them creamy
    • 1 cup cooked peas
    • diced tomatoes
    • diced dill pickles
    • shredded lettuce
    • finely chopped onion
    • grated cheddar cheese
    • taco sauce - My in-laws always went to the States and bought La Victoria taco sauce at Fred Meyers. We haven't changed a thing. We still pick up a good supply for us and our married kids. There is just something about an original flavor. You can use any taco sauce of salsa.
      Get creative and add what you like. (sour cream, guacamole, black olives, celery re fried beans)
      You might think us weird, but we also have a tradition that we only drink Good Host Iced Tea with this meal....with lots of ice of course.
      AND our tradition for dessert, home made Chocolate Cake with Seven Minute Frosting. I will post that another time.
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    1. Get out! I never ever thot of making my own taco shells...and that is crazy good! Thanks .... Tacos are a 'crowd' pleaser and right down to my one and only son! Thx a mint for the recipe. And hmmm, mashed potatoes, peas and dill pickles? I shall have to try that but I am game for anything. Terrific!

    2. We have enjoyed this recipe of soft tacos for many years too! (I never make the other kind, because you can't roll them!!)Sometimes I will make them when I have left-over chili . . . just slightly different from taco filling, and good too! Great pictures!

    3. Kathy, this was one of the first things you made for us 30 years ago. Since that time I've made it regularly and our boys have always loved these taco shells, and just yesterday Terry said .. I'm hungry for tacos. . that has never meant crunchy taco shells . .

    4. homemade taco shells....I might have to try that!

    5. So often I read recipes here very similar to how I cook, but I have never heard of the pickles or mashed potatoes in tacos.....can't wait to try see what it tastes like. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Wow, I need to try this out. I've never heard of such a tortilla recipe. It sounds incredible. Looks good, too. Thanks

    7. I've never made taco shells...but they look great one of these days I will try them. We love all things Mexican around here.

      And you are so right...never mess with a tradition!

    8. we always serve tacos in tortilla shells and have soft tacos. i have a recipe given to me for homemade taco shells and have never tried them, these look wonderfully delish

    9. My mom always made homemade taco shells...they were wonderful. I loved to watch her press them. Nice memory, anyway, looks like it's time for me to try my hand at making these rather than buying them :) Thanks for the recipe...and pickles whoa..that just might be good!

    10. I like the idea of adding different things to my tacos..even mashed potatoes, peas and dill pickles! I like a crisp taco shell wrapped in a soft one..yummy!

    11. These are really easy and taste great. Normally we have crunchy corn or soft flour tortillas. I've never seen a recipe that made a batter type shell, only the dryer roll out kind. Bonus these take a really long time to get soggy if you have to run after a child or pet(not that I've done that;)

    12. I guess Kathy's think alike. My name is Kathy and I too have Mennonite background. I have made soft tacos using the same recipe for about 30 years and so weird...we too make ice tea with the meal. When I make mine, I layer them with wax paper. This prevents them from sticking together as well as helps to retain the heat so even the ones at the bottom of the pile are warm when you get to them.


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