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Pulled Duck Sliders

Recently I was asked if I would help put on a BBQ demo using duck breast. I am always up for a new challenge when it comes to cooking but grilling on the Big Green Egg is typically where my husband comes in, but not this time. Once I got the grill going I set a big pot of boneless skinless duck breasts covered in water onto the grill. Closed the lid of the pot and the grill and walked away until almost 3 hours later. There is no seasoning in this at all. I was surprised too and more surprised at how tasty they were.
(yields approximately 4 dozen sliders)
  • 12-14 boneless skin ON duck breasts
  • water to cover the meat in pot
  • slider buns
  • BBQ sauce (I used Apple Butter BBQ sauce)
  1. Place duck breast, skin side up into a large cast or heavy pot. Layering them is fine.
  2. Cover with water until they are all submerged. Cover with heavy pot lid.
  3. Place on a grill heated to 200ยบ (or you can do this in the oven) 
  4. Close lid of grill and allow meat to simmer in water for 3 hours. 
  5. At about 2 1/2 hours using a tongs try to pull skin off one breast. If it comes off very easily it's done. If not simmer 1/2 hour more. It should be done. 
  6. Carefully remove pot from grill and remove meat from water. The water will have quite a bit of fat on the top. Set this all to the side and allow to cool a bit.
  7. Using shredding claws or two large forks, shred the meat.
  8. Add a few ladles of the broth (stirring it to get the juice and some of the fat) over the shredded meat to just moisten it a little. Don't over do it but it really makes it. 
  9. Slice slider buns, fill with shredded meat and top with your favourite BBQ sauce. 
I liked the look of this big cast pot, but lifting the lid was not an appealing sight, but I had to trust that this recipe was going to turn out. Sometimes you just have to trust. 

At about 3 hours I lifted the lid and tested the skin. I was told if the skin easily pulls away from the meat it's done....oh...and save the juices...that don't look very nice but trust need a few ladle's of it once the duck is pulled apart. It keeps it moist and adds great flavour. This meat will freeze well once shredded as well.

These plates of duck sliders disappeared with great reviews. 


  1. Did you cool the broth and fat and save it for later? Duck or goose fat is supposed to be really tasty for frying things like potatoes and I suspect the broth is very tasty also.

    1. I did save the fat, and it really gave a nice flavour to roasted potatoes. I didn't use or save the broth though, so I'm not sure about that.

  2. A plum sauce would be divine on the duck breast meat