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Bread for the Journey ~ Mother's Day

Proverbs 31: 28 NIV  "Her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also and he praises her."

Today is the day we set aside to celebrate our mothers. One of the descriptions from the dictionary says a mother is someone who "brings up a child with care and affection". For me it was also important to teach them about Jesus and how very much he loves them and to be willing to follow the plan that he has for each one.
Mothers love to receive flowers and the first ones we usually receive from our little ones are a handful of dandelions. They are given and received proudly and displayed in a small vase for their short lifespan. My son was very proud to give me these flowers in the photo and I of course display them proudly. Giving flowers or doing something special reminds mothers that they are loved and cared for. Mothers don't always feel deserving of praise because we give with love for our family without expecting anything in return.

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. l want to share some of my memories of my Mom in no particular order:
-coming home from school she would always have a snack ready for us,  freshly baked zwieback with jam, cookies, or cinnamon rolls.
-I was asked to pick a pail of Saskatoon berries, promising she would bake a pie if I did. Even though it was sunny and hot the promise of a pie kept me picking until the pail was filled.
-she loved to laugh and was most happy when her children and grandchildren would come by for a visit. She especially loved babies and would babysit when given the chance.
-she was adventuresome. Even when she was in her 80's she went for snowmobile and quad rides. My sister reminded me of the wonderful time we shared with Mom at my sister's cabin, we stayed for the night and had such a good time.
-both my sister and I remember the clothes she sewed for our dolls. She was a farmer's wife doing many chores outside as well as inside, I wonder how she found the time to sew doll clothes.
-I remember her coming to our house weekly for me to put her hair in rollers. Rollers and pin curls.
-she loved bowling and bowled in a league. On her birthday she asked me to bring a cake to the bowling alley so everyone could share in her celebration. The motto 'the more the merrier' truly described my Mom.
-she loved going to hockey games especially when her grandsons were playing. She really got into it and cheered loudly. Once when she thought the referee hadn't made the right calls she went to talk to him after the game letting him know she wasn't happy, all in fun of course.
- when I went to see her in the hospital during her last few weeks before she went to be with the Lord I asked her to sing 'Gott is die Liebe' (God is Love) with me, and with a little giggle she said what will the nurses say. Oh I said they will love it and so we sang. It's the last song I sang with her here on earth.

I have so many more memories but of course too many to share here.
I am so blessed that I had a loving and caring mother. If you still have your mother give her an extra hug today, let her know you love her.
I miss you Mom. It would be wonderful to spend this day with you.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers from the ten of us at MGCC,
Lovella, Anneliese, Betty, Bev, Charlotte, Ellen, Judy, Julie, Kathy, Marg


  1. And a very Happy Mother's Day back to you all! I truly appreciate all of the sharing each of you does here for us.

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories Betty. I can see how your mom taught you to be such a wonderful Mom and Grandma! It's good to remember our Mom's on Mother's Day. It's a day to be thankful.

  3. Reading this was poignant, I read it on Mother's Day sitting next to my mother in her hospice bed as she slept.I had been thinking that it would be the last Mother's Day that I would have a mother. She's a great reader and I've always enjoyed choosing books for her, sometimes a nice sweater, and packing up the parcels in early May. This year I brought a pretty card and read it to her, she doesn't need anything anymore, aside from our love.