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Faithful to the End 

I was given a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday this summer. 
The blooms lasted a long time 
one lonely flower outlasted them all. 

I was reminded of the verse in Hebrews 3:14
"For we have become partakers of Christ 
if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end."

What a beautifully comforting word. 
 Jesus has promised to be faithful to the end  of the age
and His promises are true, but what about us?  
Are we faithful as long as things go our way...and then waver when it no longer feels 'good' ?
Are we like that last flower, blooming even when we are the only one left standing? 
Do we refuse to ask 'Why?' because we know the Who?

Who - the One who is our answer, 
our anchor, our strength! 
"Until my last breath, or until I hear the trumpet call, 
I will be faithful to the end."


  1. A timely reminder for these trying times on earth.
    Thank you.
    Love from NC

  2. I loved how you used the flower to illustrate the verse. He is always with use .

  3. Our Lord is so faithful, faithful, faithful and all together lovely! I've come to realize that one of the greatest gifts He has given me is the solid rock assurance that He loves me and I see that especially because He is s-o-o-o faithful even though I am often not faithful as I should be. Thank you for your wonderful devotionals!


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