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Bacon-wrapped Cocktail Sausages

During the holiday season, we have many occasions to serve appetizers. Here's a tasty number that is simple to prepare and a great addition to the appetizer buffet table.

  • 1 package cocktail smoked sausage links (500 g or 1 pound)
  • 1 lb bacon, any kind 
  • 1 1/2 cups brown sugar, not packed  
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F degrees.
  2. Spray 9x13 inch oven-proof pan with cooking oil.
  3. Open package of bacon and cut the entire slab into thirds.
  4. Wrap a third of a slice of bacon around each cocktail sausage.
  5. Place each bacon wrapped sausage in pan, crowding them together to fit in pan.
  6. Spread brown sugar over entire surface.
  7. Bake for 40-45 minutes, basting with 'drippings' several times to dissolve the sugar.
  8. Cook until sugar is completely melted and bacon is thoroughly cooked.
  9. Remove cocktail sausages to serving platter, using toothpicks to serve as appetizers.
Serves 10.

We enjoyed these tasty little morsels at our MGCC Christmas party over the weekend...along with so many other wonderful eats and treats.

 If you need an idea for a festive way to serve cheese...'s a simple one!

We have had a good time getting to know one another these past few years...
but at our Christmas party we realized that we don't know each other all that well after all.

We played a MGCC trivia game...
the object being to find someone in our group (or their spouse) 
who could answer to each of the statements.

It took awhile...
and we needed a few clues...
and eventually Kathy came up with all the correct answers.
I'll post the game below...
just in case you wish to get to know us a little better.

1.     I once fell into a manure pit. ~ Julie

2.     I drove a dump truck short distances for my dad before I started  school at age 5. ~ Harv (Bev)

3.    I played in a band at Disneyland.  ~ Kathy

4.     I fear water more than I fear heights. ~Anneliese

5.     I rode an Enduro bike with Jake brakes. ~ Marg

6.     I coached football. ~ John (Betty)

7.     I once had a sea lion come to visit me in my backyard on July 1st…it swam up the drainage ditch. ~ Elmer (Judy)

8.     I once kayaked through the Cayes and jungles of Belize for over 2 weeks, camping each night. ~Bev

9.     The first job I took was assisting the town drunk hitchhike.  He told me that he would get a ride easier if he had kids with him. He paid me a few coins for standing with him.  ~Terry (Lovella)

10.   I ran a leg with the Olympic torch in the 1984 Olympics. ~Greg (Ellen)

11.   I had a blood transfusion at birth. ~ Betty

12.   My first car was a 4-door ‘47 Mercury flathead V8 with suicide doors and a honeymoon shifter 3-speed. ~ John (Marg)

13.   I weighed in at 13 pounds when I was born. ~Herb (Anneliese)

14.   I speak three languages and two dialects fluently. ~Tony (Charlotte)

15.   I was attacked by a snowflake eel while snorkeling in Hawaii. ~Judy

16.   I skipped the second grade and was always younger than my classmates. ~ Ellen

17.   I designed and made the prototype for fiberglass floats for Conair water planes. ~Vic (Julie)

18.   I used to play accordion. ~Scot (Kathy)

19.   I have travelled to 21 countries. ~Charlotte

20.  I was once the fastest runner of all the girls in my school and competed in the Provincial Games. ~Lovella

Who knew?

Enjoy the weekend...
and these last few days before Christmas!


  1. Hmmm-sounds fun, but I'm not quite understanding the game?

    1. I collected interesting facts (mostly unknown to the rest of the group) and printed up a trivia sheet for each person. The object was to find out who belonged to each piece of trivia...since there were no answers on their 'game'. It was just a fun ice-breaker...and we got to know each other a wee bit better.

  2. What wonderful revelations. You are all so interesting - I loved reading this! Also, thanks for the bacon wrapped sausage recipe (I've never done it with the brown sugar - I must try that) and also - your Christmas Tree cheese tray is beautiful.

  3. Amazing lives you've led. Makes us look at our own lives for similar high-points. Laughed at Terry. LOL.

    But this: You MUST write about it, post pictures, for all us vicarious travelers. C'mon now.

    "I once kayaked through the Cayes and jungles of Belize for over 2 weeks, camping each night."

    And Lovella? Why did you stop competitive running?


  4. Thank you for this wonderful appetizer recipe, and the others you give us all year. I don't comment often, but I so enjoy reading MGCC.... and the "facts" were fascinating!

  5. This reminds me of two truths and a lie - you say two true things about yourself and one plausible lie, and your opponent (names chose from basket) has to guess which is the lie. Fun game.

  6. Sounds a hoot! I can't get past the 13lb baby!!!! Angharad

  7. This appetizer is delicious! I make them every Christmas Eve for my boys, they love them.

  8. Hi there!!

    I received this via email, and would LOVE if you posted what everything is. We're doing apps for Christmas dinner at my Mother in Law's house. Your spread looks so amazing. I would love to include more of these options.


  9. Hi Michelle...

    Many of the dishes aren't posted on this blog...but I'll give you the links to a few that are. We had Mexican Spirals ( Dip ( with nacho chips and naan bread with dip...veggie platter...antipasto platter...and much more. The punch is called Christmas Punch ( I hope that helps. Enjoy your appie buffet!

  10. Yum! I have half a 2 lb pkg of the sausages in my fridge. I will also have 3 young men & hubby on Christmas day, wanting to eat. I think I'll try these. Thanks!

  11. Thank you so much for this recipe! Had to bring an appetizer to a party tonight and brought this. It was the first empty dish at the table and got raves from the guys and lots of compliments from the girls. Best of all it was so easy!

  12. That was fun! Terry's really made me laugh out loud!

  13. Did you know that these sausages wrapped in bacon are called 'pigs in a blanket' in the UK?

    Great to discover your blog - and also to see the Chilliwack connection. An aunt and uncle of mine emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the 1960s and settled in Chilliwack. I visited them a couple of times, and recognised the mountain views in some of your photos.

    Season's Greetings from Scotland!

  14. Tried these once and only got a VERY messy oven. Also, the bacon never got crispy and just had a mess. What did I do wrong??

    1. I'm sorry they never turned out for you, and left you with a messy oven. I have prepared these often, using the temperature and time as listed. If you would prefer them crispier, I would broil them for a minute or two at the end. I have never experienced splattering when baking them in a 9x13 cake pan with sides.