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Herald Press, the publisher of the bestselling cookbooks, Mennonite Girls Can Cook and Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Celebrations, and Blue Gate Musicals, the producers of five hit Broadway-style musicals from Amish Country, have teamed up to produce the all-new one-act comedy, Mennonite Girls Can Cook! 
Herald Press collaborated with 10 Mennonite women in 2011, after they had garnered over 1 million followers on their blog, Mennonite Girls Can Cook, to produce two cookbooks. The women (seven from British Columbia, two from Manitoba, one from Washington) share recipes and their faith stories to inspire hospitality, while donating all royalties from their books to help people around the world.

Blue Gate Musicals, (BGM) was formed in 2010 to create original, heartwarming, and entertaining musicals, which includes hugely successful Broadway-style musicals: The ConfessionHalf-StitchedJosiah for President, and Our Christmas Dinner, with a brand new musical opening in April 2016, The Home Game.
Dan Posthuma, president and producer of Blue Gate Musicals, notes, “The authors of the popular Mennonite Girls Can Cook series have captured the hearts (and appetites) of many thousands of people with their stories of family, memories of mealtime, and testimonies of faith—including accounts of their parents and grandparents escaping religious persecution in Russia with nothing but ‘the shirts on their backs, and recipes in their heads.’ Blue Gate Musicals is pleased to take a bit of a different twist on these well-loved books, and bring them to our theaters in a fun, inspirational, and entertaining stage presentation.”
Martha Bolton, scriptwriter, notes, “I am so excited to be working on this fun project! The Mennonite Girls Can Cook brand has already taken Canada by storm, and now we get to bring them to the Blue Gate stage for this brand new, laughter-filled show that we hope will have theater-goers coming back for seconds!”
Mennonite Girls Can Cook has been a bestseller for Herald Press. Photo provided.
Mennonite Girls Can Cook has been a bestseller for Herald Press. 
Mennonite Girls Can Cook, a comedy in one act, is full of excitement, confusion, and just plain frantic fun when a small town cable TV cooking show, hosted by two Mennonite women, attracts the attention of a Hollywood producer.
“It’s an ideal recipe for hilarity, as these lovely ladies gear up for the ‘Big Time,’” says Posthuma. “This play mixes faith, food, and friendship into a comedy that really sizzles!”


  1. This sounds really exciting! I wish I could see this play.

  2. Saw it last night at Blue Gate and it was fantastic! Also, it was fun to see all of the "Mennonite Girls" and their families from the other side of the theater! Hoped you all enjoyed your visit to Northeast Indiana!

    1. Jessica, thank you for coming to see us/the play. We loved Indiana. Everyone was so friendly and the area is so very beautiful!

  3. I just did, buy the book, read the blog but don't see the play. Funny it is not, at least not last night in Sugarcreek, Ohio - very good shows are often there - this was not one of them. Sorry ladies, I enjoyed your talk, love the loaded potato soup but the play was sad.

    1. Thank you so much for purchasing a book! We hope you will enjoy it. We also appreciate so much that you came to see us in Ohio!