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Spaetzle, Without a Gadget

There has been an increased interest in Spaetzle , which is a German (pasta)  dish consisting of tiny lumps or threads of dough or batter. 
There are variations of gadgets on the market to help you make them , but I have always made them without any gadget at all.  Very simple and quickly done. 
Rather than try to explain it, I got my granddaughter to video a demo of how I do it.  

If you scroll down after the video, I will explain how to use Spaetzle .  

The ingredients ratio is one egg (with a bit of salt)  to one cup of flour.  

After you have made your Spaetzle,   drop them into boiling water and boil them for not more than 2 minutes ... Drain them well and then you can add them to stews or sauces.   
They are good in soup too, but if I use them in soup I don't boil them in water first.  I add them directly to the soup but make sure the soup is boiling when you add them, or the Spaetzle will soften too much and thicken the soup. (I can't eat these because of the gluten, so I have to go by what my husband says and last time I made them, I let the Spaetzle sit on the counter for a couple of hours so they 'dried out some' before I added them to a soup and he said they were better ! )   

Panfried is my husband's favorite way of eating them.  
After I have boiled the Spaetzle and drained them, I drop them into a frying pan with half oil/half butter and fry until golden brown.  You can add some onions or bits of bacon or sausage - and /or other additions or spices of your choice.  

Below a photo of pan-fried Spaetzle - just plain ... 

Do you make Spaetzle? How do you use them ?  


  1. This is exactly how Grandmother made what she called "rivvels" for her wonderful creamed potato soup!

  2. I really liked seeing the video of how to make this and I just might have to try them. They sound so delicious..especially with bacon and onions. Your grand daughter and you are a good team.

  3. Julie, I'm so glad you were able to share this video with us. Some methods make the best sense when we see it done. I'm definitely going to be trying your method.

  4. I use them when I make halushki. Love them pan fried too.

  5. Love this!!!I have never made Spaetzle although I have had it in soup - yum. Must try the fried in butter idea - that would be so delicious too. Missed seeing your sweet face in the video. Hugs ...

  6. I put them in soup or chicken stews. I use a big-hole Sieve to spatzle, moving it over the simmering soup as I push the mixture through.


    1. Yes, me too. That's how I make them--holding a sieve directly over a pot of simmering soup, stew, or boiling water.

  7. Julie: I love your video - so easy and simple to understand. I will definitely try this. I have a request for you. Do you also make cottage cheese Wareneki? I can never get the dough quite right and a video from you would be so helpful!!! Please consider because you are so good at this.

  8. That's how they're made in southern Germany's federal state Baden-Württemberg: