Greenhouse Project

(photo credits  Global Family Education)
When Mennonite Girls Can Cook began this website to  share our recipes and celebrate our heritage recipes passed down through the generations we soon realized that God gave us a wonderful gift.
Ten women working together  ..
friends for life . ..
united by our faith in God . .
and blessed beyond our needs.

We decided that if we would have any opportunity to raise money from our efforts in the kitchen we would give all of it to those who have much less than we do.
Soon after we began the blog in 2008  we came up with an idea to offer an opportunity to some of our friends who had businesses in our area. We invited them to become our "sponsors" linking them on our sidebar in exchange for  a donation to a local charity.
We are so grateful to each of them for their ongoing support of local needs.

When MennoMedia contacted us with the idea of publishing our Mennonite heritage recipes we knew that it would be the opportunity we had dreamed of to feed hungry children.
We began the work on the book in May of 2010 and spent the summer in our kitchens testing and measuring and photographing the foods that originated in the land of our ancestors.

While we worked on the cookbook we prayed and considered what project we might support.
With so many needs all over the world ..
the choosing was difficult but in the end for our first project we all felt drawn to support an orphanage in the land where our families once lived.  

Working together with Mennonite Central Committee we have decided to build a greenhouse on the property of the Good Shepherd Shelter in Makeevka, Ukraine.   The goal is to raise $67,000 to build and give support to the greenhouse which will provide a sustainable source of healthy food for the children in the shelter and for the children at risk in the local community. When we finish that project we will continue to give 100% of our royalties to feed hungry children and another project will be prayerfully selected.

Makeevka, Ukraine
The Good Shepherd Shelter is situated in the east part of the Ukraine, populated primarily by Orthodox
Christians of which there is a small Baptist minority. It is an industrial region that has been hit hard by
the global economic crisis. High rates of unemployment and poverty are unfortunately accompanied by
elevated rates of drug and alcohol abuse. Increased incidents of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis simply add
to the number of children who have been abandoned by parents who are unable to care for them. State
run orphanages don’t always adequately prepare these children with necessary post-
orphanage skills.

Good Shepherd Shelter (run by the local Baptist Church) is an innovative children’s home that provides
a safe space for orphans to grow and develop skills for life as adults. Currently the shelter relies on food
donations in order to feed the children in the shelter.

The Need
It would be of incredible benefit to establish a greenhouse run by shelter staff, with cooperation from
members of the local Baptist Church and children of the shelter. The greenhouse would provide a
sustainable source of healthy food for children in the shelter as well as other needy children in the local

A functioning greenhouse would provide food for the 40 children, ages 3 to 18, from Good Shepherd
Shelter as well as approximately 100 children from poor families in the surrounding area. Twenty-five
workers from Good Shepherd Shelter will also benefit.

Target Objectives
• Trained staff will become responsible managers of the greenhouse.
• A sustainable and healthy source of food will be available for the children in the shelter as well
as other needy children in the community.
• Older children (aged 15 – 18) will develop practical skills for life outside the shelter. The youth
will be empowered when they realize what they are capable of doing with their own hands.
Developing such skills opens doors for them for future job opportunities in the working world.
• More trees as well as garden plants will produce more fresh air. Children will get acquainted
with nature more closely as they also learn to appreciate their interdependent relationship.

Simply Good Stewardship
• Good Shepherd Shelter has available land that can be used for this development.
• Since Good Shepherd Shelter is a registered non-profit organization in Ukraine, it has a
bookkeeper who will perform audits, prepare financial reports and submit bank documents.
• This project also provides a wonderful opportunity for the local church to work together with
Good Shepherd Shelter as it would provide excellent volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to know more about this project. .
you can click on the link here for the Global Family Education website which is part of MCC.

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We are humbled and grateful by your generous response to the book.  
Your emails and comments to us when you read the book has been blessed us. 
Thank you for helping us towards our goal.