Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raspberry Lemonade Punch

This is a refreshing punch that is not overly sweet. It's great in a pitcher or in a punch bowl for a large crowd.

For a pitcher full you'll need:

1- 12 ounce can of frozen pink lemonade
12 ounces of water
24 ounces of lemon-lime sparkling water
4 ounces frozen raspberries

Mix the frozen lemonade with the water before you add the sparkling water. Poor in the sparkling water slowly so you keep the fizz and mix in carefully. Add the raspberries and serve.

For a punch bowl triple the ingredients. When making this recipe for a punch bowl use 12 ounces of water to mix the frozen lemonade and then substitute ice for the rest of the water. Pour the sparkling water in slowly and add the 12 oz. bag of frozen raspberries. Enjoy!

For the sugared rim dip the glass rim upside in liquid and then rotate the rim in a bowl of coarse sugar.

Note: If you'd like the punch to be sweeter you can substitute regular lemon lime soda for some of the sparkling water.


  1. Wonderful combination for a refreshing drink. I love the sugar coated rim idea.

  2. Freckled Lemonade. I'll have to make up a big batch of this.'s a family favorite at a local restaraunt.

  3. This sounds so fresh tasting,we love lemonade, and the color is perfect for Valentine's Day. I have glasses like that too.

  4. That looks and sounds refreshing. have it looking so pretty!

  5. That's my kind of drink! Combine lemon and raspberries and I'm happy.

  6. That looks really, really good, and I could have it because it is both dairy and gluten free.~~Dee

  7. It's so pretty and I love having the whole raspberries floating in it.