....Pecan Currant Mini-Tarts.....

This version of 'butter tarts' came about years ago when I realized that I simply did not have all the ingredients that were called for in my mother's recipe. So with a bit of this and that...it ended up being a spectacular little mini tart that is now a favorite in our home. Of course, you could do this as a full size tart too. Somehow the combination of currants (and not raisins) with the crunch of the nuts seems just right in this little two bite tart. I use frozen mini tart shells but feel free to use your homemade shells. This makes about 25 tarts depending on how full you fill them. I prefer to fill them less...that way they make less sticky finger food when serving at parties.


1 cup white sugar (I haven't tried this using Splenda yet)
1 cup currants
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup butter
4 tbsp cream or half and half
1/2 cup broken pecans

Beat eggs. Combine with remaining ingredients except the nuts. Boil at medium heat for 3 minutes. Add nuts. Fill unbaked tart shells. Bake at 375 for fifteen minutes.


  1. These tarts look so delicious Trish and I like that they are 'two bite' size. I make these at Christmas using pecans and raisins but currants would be wonderful too.
    Now I am hungry..

  2. So I think I should have a baking frenzy day when I get home in Seattle for Thanksgiving weekend and try a slew of these recipes. This looks good and the photos are fabulous...

  3. I always make these little tarts this way too, my mil, painstakingly puts little rounds of pastry into tiny muffin pans. .
    scrumptious. .little bites.

  4. Yummy! Nice and easy and so tasty!