Herb Vinegars

As I was just telling Betty, I have always made herbal vinegars for my own use as I love to use them in marinades for meats and vegetables as well as an additive to a good oil for salads. They are simple and easy to make and make good gifts as well....Christmas is just around the corner...dare I say that?!
There are many recipes to make herbal vinegars but I use a basic and simple one I copied down from the Moosewood Cookbook in the library as a student (brings back such memories!). Here tis... feel free to make changes, add and mix herbs to your heart's content.
Use only fresh dry herbs stripped of their heavy stems. Some examples are basil, chervil, chives, cilantro, dill, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme. Use Cider vinegar and white wine vinegar for more potent herbal vinegars. Regular white vinegar also produces a fine mixture...as does rice vinegar.
Fill a clean glass jar with the herbs. Pour in vinegar to cover and cap the jar. Place the jar in a sunny spot outdoors (ha...tis nearly winter) or on your brightest windowsill for about four to six weeks.
Pour the steeped vinegar through a paper coffee filter into a nonreactive pot. and discard the herbs. Gently heat the vinegar until it just begins to simmer. Don't boil it. Pour the hot vinegar into sterilized jars and cap to seal. Store in a cool dark place for up to a year....and Betty, it is good to go after the second sealing. I would just give it one or two weeks.


  1. poof there you are with another great idea!!!! i love your chem sundays, to bad you are not around the corner for me to be your taste tester=}

  2. oh I soooo need one today Charlotte. can you come over? Yikes...too much on the stove and in the oven today I am afraid

  3. Aww Trish do you really have to wait a year to use the vinegars?? Just kidding..
    They make very good gifts and yes Christmas is not that far away. Hmm..I better get to making some of those neat homemade gifts!

  4. ooops. You are right Betty...I corrected the post. You can keep them stored for UP to a year in a cool dark place but they are basically ready after the second 'seal' is in place. I would just wait a few days or so until the vinegar settles.

  5. Trish, you are stretching me! But what a good idea! I guess it would be fun to collect some fancy jars for this.

  6. yep...I was garage sale and thrift store hunting for jars this weekend. This Christmas I intend to 'recycle'...go green...or whatever...by using and reusing. Got lots of ideas...may post nearer to Christmas