Rasberry Vinaigrette

Simple to make and when raspberries are in season there is simply NO excuse. Make up a bit to keep in fridge for a week. Pour over a beautiful salad of avocados, sprouts, strawberries, mango and red onion all on a fresh bed of spinach leaves. Add cilantro and slivered almonds for decoration.


1/2 cup of raspberries
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 minced garlic clove.

Puree raspberries in a blender.
Whisk the puree and vinegar.
Gradually add the garlic and the olive oil.

And that is it...pour delicately over the salad for a spectacular presentation and taste sensation!


  1. Too tempting, must go eat food.

  2. This looks like a great summer salad with some of my favorite goodies in it like, avocados, cilantro, strawberries and almonds. Yummy...
    It looks beautiful, too...

  3. this looks wonderful, so refreshing.

  4. Mmmm.. is all I can say!
    And I hope my raspberries ripen soon!

  5. Oh my gawsh... Gonna make it tonight.. gonna do it.. my hubby will love it...

    Girl, you DO inspire me.. cannot wait to get started teaching.. cannot wait!

    You will see when you bounce over that we had a bit of distressing news in our corner of the universe (and that is an understatement). I went back and forth whether to even write about it, but in the end I felt guilty not to do so.

    It is done and hopefully next time I will bounce myself back into higher gear... so skip it if you want... I just it was necessary since I was so close to the families.. (just for my own self..)

    But, again, thank you for all of your encouragement! Kayce

  6. Looks like one I will try! Thank you, Trish.

  7. Great timing...the raspberries are ripening and I'm going to try this.