Honey Garlic Salmon

This is a recipe from a dear friend. There is no honey in it, so the title does perplex me!

It's delicious and since fish is very good for a body, you can really feel like you are eating something healthy!

Honey Garlic Salmon
1/2 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Soya Sauce
1 tsp Garlic Powder (or fresh!)
1 tsp Ginger Powder (or fresh!)
4 pieces Salmon
Marinate salmon for 1/2 hour
Broil on low about 6" from broiler for 5 minutes
Flip Salmon, baste with leftover marinade
Turn Broil to high and continue broiling for 7-10 more minutes until it flakes apart on the inside and starting to sizzle on the outside!


  1. wonderful...my kind of supper. That looks stunning and the recipe...hmmm hmmm good. Now what am I going to chose to sample this weekend...you are making it very hard for me! This DOES look like it will be on the menu though...it is too good to resist.

  2. Mmm..I love salmon! Wow, looks yummy. Maybe I'll use honey instead of sugar.

  3. Sounds great Rachel. I'm in Salmon country right now so I'll need to try it...

  4. We eat a lot of salmon. I make a similar marinade but use Real Maple Syrup instead of the sugar. . .it just gives the loveliest glaze.
    I changed the label to seafood .. I love it and I hope we get lots more seafood recipes.

  5. Rachel,
    I love this recipe. I first made it for my husband for Father's Day. Can you please tell me what kind of rice you served with the salmon in the picture. Is that what you usually serve with it or do you have some other suggestions as well?