Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Fashioned Jelly Roll

The following recipe is one my Mom used the way that one would use a white cake mix today. She'd bake it in a spring-form cake pan, fill it with fruit or pudding, and decorate it with whipped cream. It also served well as a jelly roll which she usually filled with chocolate pudding. I checked the Mennonite Treasury of Recipes and found about 8 variations of it in there, so I don't know how far back it goes in our ethnic history. I was wishing I had coconut cream pie filling on hand, but I didn't, so I made a vanilla pudding and beat some whipped cream into it.


1 c sugar
4 egg yolks
4 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 egg whites, beaten


Mix sugar and egg yolks
well, add water, lemon juice
and vanilla. Add combined
dry ingredients. Fold in
beaten egg whites with a
spatula. Pour into large
cookie sheet, lined with greased
wax paper.

Bake at 350F for 15 - 20
min. Turn out onto clean,
damp tea towel or towel
sprinkled with icing
sugar. Peel back paper.
Roll up with towel,
starting at narrow end.

Unroll, spread with favorite cooled pudding and roll up again. Transfer log onto serving platter, using end of towel to lift, then slide out from underneath. Dust with plain confectioners sugar. using a small sieve. Refrigerate.



  1. Hi Annaliese

    I stumbled into this site from Kristal's blog and I must say I am so thrilled. I love all your recipes and I am going to love baking all the other recipes,too. Annaliese can you submit the Chocolate cookies you had when we camped together. I have lost the recipe and I would like to make these cookies a camping special, too.

  2. Hi Alvina! What a nice surprise to get a note from you! I plan to get together with my Mom to make those cookies, since I'm not that comfortable with the glazing part.
    I will let her bake and I'll be the lovely (photographer)assistant.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Oh we go again...a list of 'to trys' for my next weekend. You make it look easy, is it? For sure this is one to try...won't I be impressing them at work with this one!

  4. Oh Anneliese .. I'm starting to recognize your recipes from the the picture. . .
    This looks so good. . I bet it's all gone. .shoot. .

    I'm thrilled to see that we will have an honourary blog guest. .tell your mom she is most welcome to bake while you photograph. . that will be a treat indeed.

  5. My Mom usually made a lemon filling for the jelly roll and sometimes jam. I always do lemon because that's my favorite filling.
    Thanks for posting this recipe Anneliese.
    Hmmm..jelly roll coming up in my kitchen.

  6. Yummy looking Anneliese! Beautiful photos..

  7. I attmpted to make the jelly roll and it didn't turn out exactly how i would have liked. I am wondering if you could add to the recipe how long to beat the eggs. I think this was my problem - yet I wasn't sure how much beating they needed. Thanks for managing this blog. It sure is a neat place to get recipes and I love seeing the pics of what I am going to be making!!

  8. Hi Kristy,
    I beat the egg whites until they are a nice medium stiffness, then fold them into the batter (gently) with a spatula, until the batter looks nice and "airie" (sp?).
    Hope it works out for you ... sometimes one just doesn't know what happened ...

  9. used this recipe today for a LightSaber cake for my son's starwars birthday party it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe it was my first time making a jelly roll and it turned out perfectly

  10. Agnes, thank you! Love hearing about a first time success!