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German Pancakes 101

Pancakes. When you think of pancakes is it the flap-jack style? Silver dollars? Crepes? When I think about pancakes the ones that come to my mind are the pancakes of my childhood. They are very thin with crispy edges, yet soft enough to roll up with delicious fillings in the middle...and as large as a dinner plate! They are sublime. My kids love them and would happily eat them daily if I let them. Plain ole fluffy pancakes do have their time and place but these are so good that I want to share them with you.

1 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

3 eggs

2 cups milk

Whip with a whisk

This is a double recipe You must use lots of butter for each pancake you make

Pour about 1/3-1/2 a cup of batter onto a fairly hot skillet (non stick will not work)

Spread batter by tilting pan

Flip pancake with two forks when it look like this :)

And then let it cook on the other side just a wee bit longer

They are really good with just syrup
Another way to enjoy them is rolled up with cottage cheese and fruit Dig in!


  1. Way to go Rachel.
    Those are a real hit in our home.
    It's either waffles or blintzen or crepes as we call them.
    Your pictures posted are very well done, because there is a bit to getting them just right.

  2. Yes! I was JUST telling my son about these....We would have these often, like other pancakes, for supper. We would lay them out on the plate, sprinkle sugar on them, roll them up and then eat them like a roll. Hmmm....not as healthy as with fruit and cottage cheese.

    Thanks so much for this post. Yep, old memories are a flooding in this evening reading this!

    Thanks Rachel

  3. This is such a great post . . Rachel ..welcome to the cookbook blog. I know you be a great addition to the team ..

  4. Grew up with these (rolled up and dunking them in sugar).
    My mom would sauté some ground beef with onions, tomatoes, maybe a finely grated carrot, salt & pepper to make is taste just right. when the meat was done she thickened the juices with a bit of flour and then filled the pancakes with the meat for the "men of the house".
    Very tasty!
    Just recently I introduced our little grandchildren to these yummy pancakes and think that they are now hooked, as well, to the dismay of of their mother's who thought they would NOT have to learn how to make them.

  5. This is the way to have pancakes! My grandmother (omi) used to make them for us when we came home from school from lunch and I thought she should open a restaurant for all the school kids to experience them.

  6. Wonderful memories of these pancakes..never could get enough of them. My brothers would try to see who could eat the most..and later would groan with the weight of all those pancakes in their tummies!
    I made them for my kids and then for the g'kids..still a big hit!
    Your pics are amazing Rachel, I want to go make a batch right now...I should and invite my brothers to another contest!!

  7. Anyone else have them with lemon and icing sugar?

  8. For filling we also sometimes spread some pizza sauce and add ham and cheese and then roll them. YUM!!

  9. Are these flafaflan kuchen? I have wonderful memories of those. We'd roll them up with icing sugar and applesauce and sometimes peanut butter too.

  10. We had these in England, sprinkled with super-fine sugar and lemon juice, and rolled up. They're traditional Mardi Gras fare, before Lent begins.

  11. Love German Pancakes. My mom made them with diced rhubarb and sugar and piled them high on a plate. Then we cut them in wedges. Oh so good.

  12. I remember them two ways. First they would be served as a main course. Rolled-up, thinly sliced (like noodles) placed in a soup bowl and topped with hot broth.We called it Pfannkuchen Suppe. The left-over batter would be served for dessert. Spread with applesauce or jam, rolled-up and sprinkled with powdered sugar. We loved this simple meatless meal!

  13. previously known-as WiebeApril 19, 2012 at 1:15 PM

    Wow, I was raised on these crispy pancakes (well, these and rollkuchen) served with butter and Rogers syrup, YUM. Since my Dad passed away 6 years ago I haven't made even one of these pancakes, thanks for reminding me of wonderful times! I will be making these this weekend for my family (and me too).
    Thank you so much!

  14. I have read your entire blog over the last couple of days, bookmarking the recipes that remind me of my Granny who passed away about 10 years ago. These, we always called flapjacks, were something that my Granny would make HUGE stacks of, and all of us, her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, would come over for flapjacks and watermelon. we would butter them, sprinkle sugar on and roll them up. My sister and I try to recreate her recipe every summer, but it's never quite the same, I will have to try your recipe and see if it matches!
    Thank you for this recipe, and for this wonderful site!

  15. My mom use to make them and sprinkle fresh rubarb on it while it was cooking. It was a very special lunch!

  16. YES! :) We call these Pfannkuchen and my grandma makes them the best! Today I noticed a "German Pancake" recipe in the Mennonite Treasury of Recipes cookbook I have of hers and decided to give it a go (it's your exact recipe....calls for less milk but in reality, 2 cups is needed). They were great and my kids enjoyed them, but something was off. Thanks to your tips and commentary, I think I realized my error: I used a non-stick skillet! Grandma uses a cast iron one, so I definitely need to switch to that next time. Thanks again. This is one of my most favorite blogs!!