Sunday, June 15, 2008

Classic Creamy Potato Salad

My mom was (is) famous for her potato salad! Simple but yummy it was creamy with a crunch of diced onion. Just like borscht, everyone will have their own version of this picnic favorite. But just like my mom' repeated version is a crowd
pleaser wherever I take it. Because it is such a favorite, this version makes a large bowl full enough for a buffet serving.

Boil a dozen potatoes and bring to a simmer. Make sure potatoes are DONE but not mushy. Drain and put in fridge to cool completely.

Bring to rolling boil ten eggs. Remove from burner but keep in hot water until yolk has settled. Rinse in cold water and put in fridge to chill.

As I do my potatoes and eggs the night before making the salad, I am sure that they are plenty cooled for chopping. Peel potatoes and eggs. The skin and shell will come off easily as they have
chilled nicely in the fridge. Chop into large bowl.

Chop 1 bunch green onion and one white onion. Measure out 2 1/2 cup mayo (I use low fat or olive oil
Hellmann's. My mother always used Miracle Whip which makes a sweeter salad). I also add 1 cup sour cream for a smoother creamier taste. Add to chopped potatoes and eggs.

Make a sauce out of 4 - 6 tbsp mustard (I 'cheat' and use prepared), 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 1/4 cup sugar. Add to mixture and toss. Season with Salt and fresh ground Pepper to taste.

You may adjust your seasonings and mixtures accordingly. Remember that like many good foods, this salad will taste better the next day. However, the potatoes will absorb the mayo/sour cream mixture so don't be alarmed at how creamy it is when you first mix it. Serve up with sausages or one of Judy's wonderful meat buns. Recipe found in our first cookbook "Mennonite Girls Can Cook".


  1. Oh I love potato salad..and this recipe looks so yummy! I add a little brown sugar and celery to my recipe.

  2. Oh, it looks like we were making the same thing yesterday! I also took pictures for blogging ... I think I'll still add it anywways. If anyone is like me, sometimes I look at a bunch of "the same" recipes and take the best out of each to make my own version ... the more the merrier and the more confusing for some, right? =)
    Your recipe sounds yummy and the pictures look great!

  3. Thanks Anneliese. I am looking forward to your post. You know, I love EVERY potato salad!!!!!

  4. I think this is great that we are putting in our own family favorites...Trish. . your salad and pictures are so great. I'd love to taste it. .

  5. I just made this for a picnic... it's delicious! I used raw cane sugar and kept out the eggs... still yummy! Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  6. Yummy tried the same recipe probably close to yours see thanks for sharing

  7. I make a similar potato salad but I do not put egg in mine. Not that I have anything against eggs, I’ve just never made a potato salad with them. This salad is perfect!