Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cinnamon Twists

This recipe originally came from a small prairie town community cookbook...and was given to me by a friend thirty years ago. It's written on the original little recipe card and is usually at the front of my recipe file. It was always a family favorite to take by the bucket on picnics and camping trips. My brother in-law dubbed them pig tails long ago...a friend called them cinnamon schnetchi. Call them by any can't eat only one!

Cinnamon Twists

5 cups flour
2 Tablespoons Baking Powder
1 pound margarine
2 eggs
1 cup milk

6 teaspoons cinnamon
1 1/2 cups sugar

Combine flour and baking powder.
Cut in margarine.
Beat eggs slightly with a fork; mix with milk.
Combine with flour mixture to form a soft dough.
Form 10 balls...cover and chill for several hours.

Sprinkle topping mixture onto working surface.
Roll dough into circle (about 9 inches).
Sprinkle with a generous layer of topping.

Cut into 8 cutter works great.
Roll up to form crescents (from outer edge to inside).

Bake at 325 degrees F for 15 - 20 minutes.


  1. Judy I am loving your pastry rolling board. Is it one of the plastic ones that rolls up? I use to have one that looks exactly like it that got lost in a move. How does that happen!? It had been a shower gift that I used all the time. I will be running out to get one soon. These lettle rolls look yummy. Kathy

  2. Pretty tasty looking. . .Oh I love this blog. . .
    This is such a great recipe for beginning bakers. .

  3. Oh yummy..another 'to make' recipe! Can you just imagine all the baking going on in these 'Mennonite kitchens' these days??

  4. judy this is one of our standbys for fasba..........i guess i don't need to post mine now...:)
    that contraption you rool your dough out on sure looks like it would be a good idea, your cresents are also so even....not mine, they are just willy nilly.

  5. I wish I had a good reason to make these today...(what that means is that I don't just want to eat them with my hubby alone)...I have a friend who makes these and I love them!

  6. Oh boy! I'm so naive...I didn't realize my pic would show with comments! Not sure about that. I'll change it when I get sick of seeing me eat.

  7. YUM!!! I love cinnamon anything!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe.


  8. I echo Anneliese. .I wish I had a reason to pop these in the oven. .first we have to finish the platz from yesterday ...

  9. ...this does look like something a 'beginner' or NOT SO proficient baker like me could easily master. Although I have to agree with Charlotte...mine will never look so uniform! But I am sure they will be tasty anyway.

    Betty asked me what my Chem Sunday would hold in the way of baking this weekend. Sigh...too much to chose from. I may have to take a day off work, just to 'fit' it all in...or at least some of these wonderful recipes. You are all so talented. Hey...I am looking for some very specific recipes my mom used to make...Lovella? Shall I send you a list?

  10. Hello! My friend Linda told me to come visit and I'm so glad she did! All of your recipes look delicious, I can't wait to try out the cinnamon twists...yum!

  11. I saw this recipe a while ago and kept it. Today was the day! Making them was very easy (if you followed the recipe). As we all love anything with cinnamon, filling & rolling out these twists had plenty of cinnamon included. Oh boy, I just tasted one fresh from the oven! Light, flaky and oh so cinnamony!Thank you! Now I just have to wait for all my guests to give their verdict!

  12. My Aunt used to make these every Christmas and since her passing, I've been hunting for a recipe that would match what I remember - this one is it! I've been making these for Christmas for the past few years but this year made "dairy free" as we have a visitor whose intolerant to dairy. I substituted coconut milk for the milk and they turned out exactly the same - Awesome! Thanks for this wonderful site ladies!! The Mennonite recipes have provided me countless hours of looking, reading, making, tasting & remembering my childhood. DH loves this site as well - not for the making but for the eating!